CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti KachhalNothing is impossible children,

You are the owner of tremendous qualities in trillion.

What happened if not succeed,

It’s the high time for yourself to analyze & exceed.

Why wasting time sitting as an idle,

Resume your responsibility and stand as an ideal.

To shed tears on what has happened,

Not the sign of a person of intellect, hence do not wrapping.

Love yourself hence do not go anywhere leaving the playground,

An examination is game hence do not think as if something breakdown.

Confidence on yourself, on your work & on merciful Lord,

Take it as a medicine and make incredible & remarkable records.

Result is just a halt for few moments in your life,

Time to think within, take a deep breath & restart the normal life.

But do not forget to take lesson from the mistakes occurred in past,

Design your life beautifully & make impossible possible through this art.

At last but not the least,

Read “Ekbal” Shairee You all please.

“Girte hain shahsawar hi maidaan-e-jung mei

Woh tifl kya girenge jo ghutno ke bal chale.”


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