Author explains When to start CA Final classes, How many classes should a CA Student take in the beginning, during and at the end of articleship, When to start revision of classes completed, Can CA Student learn anything from office work which is helpful for CA Final exams and A CA Student should take CA Final preparation leave.

The opinion expressed here is based on personal experience of both my seniors and mine. Since I have completed two years of my articleship I feel I am good enough share my experiences on the following:

1. When to start CA Final classes?

Normally for a newly joined article it will take at least 6 month to be settled with the environment i.e., office policies, assignments and mingle with the co-articles, partner. By the end of 6 months you will understand that you have to both balance work like and personal like.Now you have to learn how to balance classes along with others.

After 6 months it would be better to start one class like SFM / AMA which is going to be held in the morning, because being junior in the audit firm and learning time you will not be allowed to go early from the office during evening time. If the travelling time in the morning is not sufficient then it is suggestible to take video classes. Even if it is a video class it is suggestible to see in the morning hours because in the evening we will be very tired because of work, travelling.The reason behind suggesting to start one subject is you will start understanding how to manage time. (DT / IDT / Law / Auditing should not be taken in the beginning because there will be plethora of amendments)

2. How many classes should I take in the beginning, during and at the end of articleship?

In cities like Chennai classes (SFM, FR, AMA, and Income tax) will start only twice a year which will be for 4 months, on alternate days like MWFS / TTSS and in between two batches there will be gap of 2 months at that time classes for other subjects like IDT / Auditing / Law will be conducted.

As said above one class will be completed before the end of 1 year. In the being of second year also it would be better to one class. Next you can take two classes which could be on alternate days. (Like morning one subject and evening other one). Before the completion of second year you will be completed 4 Subjects. Classes like IDT / Auditing / Law will be taken in 2 months hence you can complete it easily (Provided if use the time and resources properly) . Before the end of 2.5 yrs. of articleship you will be completed with all 8 subjects provided if you have read open book on self-basis.

3. When to start revision of classes completed?

Revision should start from the day you have started classes. After reading this you might think how it is possible but in fact it is only about managing time. It’s just require 15-30min of time to revise the classes of that day and spare few hours on Sunday to revise classes completed in that week. Also revise any one of 4 / 5 Sundays total classes completed in that month. I will hardly take 4 months to complete one subject by that we might have completed 2 revisions.

During the days when we go classes for 2 subjects it will be very difficult to revise but I am dam sure you will get enough time to revise provided if you manage your time in an efficient manner. Subjects completed earlier can also be revised on Sundays. You might get a doubt if I going on use my Sundays for the purpose of studying when will I get time to enjoy? If you are a genius / one time reader you are not required to follow but, if you are average kid and you want to complete in first attempt you have to forgive few things for betterment of future.

4. Can we learn anything from office work which is helpful for CA Final exams?

I am an article of medium size firm where we have exposure to different areas like GST compliances and audits, Income tax compliances and audits, Audits, Company law compliances, Customs compliances like SEIS, MEIS etc. All the work I have done during my articleship are useful in my final preparation. Since I have done many GST works I have not gone to IDT classes in my final.

Any work done during the articleship will be helpful provided if you are aware of three things

I. Why you are doing?

II. What you are doing?

III. How you are doing?

During the initial days I was requested to do vouching for GST return filing and after two days I requested my senior to change my work as I got bored in vouching. Then there is question from my senior what I have learnt from vouching. Really I was surprised to hear that question and asked what is there to learn he started asking we few questions like

a. Why every invoice is in the same format / same details like Address of to and from, POS?

b. What does Place of supply means, why is mentioned in invoice?

c. What does bill to and ship to means?

After this I have started learning from everything as much as possible. Based on my experience the work done during the time of articles might help you in one or the other subject.

5. When one should has to take CA Final preparation leave?

It will change from firm to firm basis. But it would be plenty enough if you could get leave 5 months before exam. This is the important information which one should have known before joining articles. If you are aware that you going to get four or less than four months it is very much required to start preparation from the early days of articles.


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