Atul Khurana

Atul Khurana

Hello everyone, this time I came up with a very practical topic related to the life of everyone.

It was almost 15 days left for the exam when I suddenly had a thought to write on this topic.

As I was passing by some difficult phases of the life and at that times a wise decision is must needed thing otherwise distraction is a sure shot thing to emerge in minds, so I thought to find out the answer and share it with all of you.

So, first of all, let me describe these terms as per my own level of understanding:

Hard work is working rigorously for achieving something big. The term rigorously means to work beyond your potentials or to work with increased strength.

Dedication is a kind of activity which needs to be practice in background of our minds so as to prevent distractions & increase concentration for the fulfillment of desired goals.

Patience is to keep calm after a defeat or no. of defeats or failures and again working hard to earn the desires.

Positivity is a state of mind which always keeps us charged and motivated. This is the illusionary state of our mind which is just based on the hope of the best. This is so powerful, if practiced with dedication then It turns Hopes into Achievements.

Let us think practically regarding these terms and their significance in our lives:

You have to appear for your Final exams and you have already prepared well for your exams but suddenly you strike up with a problem and this is very common thing which happens nearby the important dates. The problem may be adverse health issue, poor family’s financial conditions, the relationship problems or anything else.

And you know very well that these problems become the barriers to the success.

If here I quote my own example then I can say one thing that these problems blessed me with such kind of maturity that a child of 15 years of age was capable of taking the firm decisions of his life. When I cleared my 10th board exams at the age of 16, I was a level ahead in terms of maturity level among my friends.

How this maturity came?

The maturity is always the result of some bad happenings of the life.

It was not a matter of a fortnight; things were consistently changing with my growing age. From the age of 12-13, the secret conversations regarding the financial issues between my parents often broke my sleep but I could barely understand one among their 1000 talks. It was not the age to understand these things and even I didn’t bother much because I was getting what I was desired of. But the worst thing was the growing age because as I was getting old day by day, the reality of my life was coming more towards me. Actual life was not so beautiful as my parents had shown to me. This was the changing phase of my life. Along with the tough situations, there were some other problems which added more flavor to the bad situations and made them worst.

Yes, it was difficult but not impossible. When I used to see my friends from the good families enjoying each and every good taste of the life, I found myself struggling between compromises, sacrifices and adjustments. But there was a good thing also, I also joined my parents and started dealing with the issues together. There is one good quality of bad times. The bad times brings unity with itself which increases the bonding between the family members. We are 4 and we are so strong to deal with any kind of worse scenario. Lot of times, bad time approached us but we never broke.

Now just see how these terms works for you,

As I said earlier that you prepared well for your exams but due to some issues you are not able to concentrate:

The first thing you have to do is prioritize the things in your life. Unless and until you are done with your priority list, you can’t proceed further. There is no need to do that fancy work of writing the list and then pasting the same on the wall, then looking everyday towards it and remembering everyday regarding your goals.

Friends, these were the worst tricks according to me because if you seriously want to achieve something then definitely you could not sleep properly. 24 hrs, the thoughts of achieving the success will rule your mind, this is the power of prioritizing the things.

I am a consistent failure and I never hesitated while saying this to anyone. I failed a number of times in my CA- IPCC Group 2 exams but still I am passionately working day and night because I am very much dedicated towards the goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

This is called the dedication and patience which is not allowing me to leave the battle.

Let me tell you another phase of my life  so as to explain the meaning of hard work.

I use to work for 19- 20 hrs in a day even after the exams. You might be thinking that what I do?

currently you are reading my article and writing is my hobby and work too. Basically, I am a technical writer and I used to write on finance, taxation, accounts, law and audit subjects but the hobby of writing plus the struggles of life made me motivational writer too.

 On the basis of studies of IPCC and my article ship, I was able to understand taxation and auditing in depth and this helped me in authoring my book on TAX AUDIT (Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act). Although it was my second book at the age of 22 but first published book.

If suppose, due to my failures i stopped myself from working hard, then might not be reading this article right now.

This is the because of consistently working hard on regular intervals. Hard work always pays off, this time it is helping me in making my name and definitely it will help me in becoming a successful chartered accountant.

Now let me tell you one more phase of my life and how I become a writer:

I am a human being too. So, I also fell in love a time ago. It was the kind of childhood love which failed drastically after 4.5 years of togetherness. The reason it could last 4.5 yrs was my maturity otherwise the relation was so weak that it could not even last for 6 months.

I broke down. Life came to an end for me. Everything was stopped. There was no happiness. It seems funny to those who never fell in this condition but these things actually hurts. I locked myself in my home and stopped myself from going outside. After 1 month, it was the time for my Orientation training where I was asked to speak about my strength and weakness of life. It was easy to talk about strengths but difficult to explain weakness but without any hesitation, I explained my emotional situation in the class. This was the 1st time in my life when I faced the crowd of 50 students looking constantly at me. At the end of the class, my sir appreciated for my speech. This was not less than any gift which I got after a long time. It brought smile to my face and I was very happy. On the last day of the training programme, there was an announcement that the branch is organizing National Event for the students where they can become the part of the event by joining the team work. This was the opportunity for me to keep myself busy from my normal routine. I worked a lot and got the good recognition in the team by my seniors. I just wanted to keep myself busy and for that purpose I worked But getting an appreciation plus recognition was like a bonus income. I was very happy. Suddenly, I got an opportunity to deliver a speech in the national event. It was my first speech and I got this opportunity because the concerned student backed out 2 days prior the event and i was allotted the duty in emergency.

Here my life change got the U– turn. A person with broken heart have more potential than the normal person and the reason behind Is Aggressiveness of proving our self in front of the person who gave us the pain. Line by line, I got selected in 10 national events for giving speech and for that speech, prior I had to prepare an article then submit the same for getting approved. This made me writer.

This was the journey of positivity which always kept me up. People should learn the ethics that giving pain to that person who gave you the pain is foolishness. One should use his energy in achieving something big because Success is the best Revenge.

I hope you understood that how these 4 terms helps us to live happily even when 1000’s of problems surrounds us.

(For any queries in the above mentioned article, the author can be contacted at [email protected])

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  1. H.B.PANDYA says:

    I am very happy to read the article. It has motivated me like any thing to achieve the goal by hard work ,by maintaining state of mind with a positive thinking & never getting depressed towards failures.
    I am retired Assistant Commissioner Customs aged 65 years but still have a choice to work hard.
    Thank a lot, I shall be obliged if such articles are being emailed to me.

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