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Mohan ThulasingamWhen people fail to understand their follies, it becomes essential to check them by others. Principally, there are two ways as Harsh and Kind methods, to make anyone realize the mistakes. Any rough treatments like whiplash, electric shock, hanging, etc. Fall under the first method. Mahatma Gandhi chose the second method and adopted non-violence to win India’s freedom. Here the four important but common methods are listed for exhorting people to correct their mistakes.
Suspend the Relationship. Seclusion from the worldly connections makes a person think and feel sorry for his mistakes. Imprisonment and excommunication are popular tactics to make people realize the mistakes. In some societies, the villages banish an offender or his family by depriving of any food, water, and shelter. Not even the relatives or friends are allowed to move with the debarred members. The tricky brother of a family got the mother to execute a will in his favor, but the siblings cut off further ties with him.
Avoid interactions with the person who repeats the mistakes. This method is followed in the household situations to pull up an erring member of the family. Parents use this method to discipline the kids by avoiding talk and moving from the latter; because silence speaks louder than words.
 Deny the duties and benefits. A situation where no work or responsibility is assigned to an individual that committed mistakes. The  activeness of others and the idleness of the self make anyone feel guilty. In an office, a senior  employee had to pass the entire day doing nothing, but watching others engrossed in their work. Because the management thought this is the best way to punish him for his filing a suit challenging the bank’s decision. Similarly, the suspension of the benefits like promotions, increments, terminal sums, etc. will remind one’s duty.
Appreciate the right actions. Giving incentives always motivate the people to do better. Transport companies provide cash prizes to its drivers for accident-free service. Employees get pay-rise and promotions for higher productivity. The wrong surgery by a doctor costs a precious life while a pilot wins accolade for saving the lives of his passengers by the safe landing of the aircraft. Even when the mistakes happen, a gentle remark “Hope you won’t repeat that again” will hit the conscience.
Any right-minded person will repent his mistakes and try to avoid them through precautions and corrective steps. Failure to do so becomes another mistake. Still worse it gets if one justifies his mistakes by blaming others. Then, try any one of the four methods described herein above.

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2 responses to “Best way to make a person Realise his Mistakes”

  1. Suresh Karimbil says:

    The article is good. But the common methods suggested may not bring good results. It will bring depression and loneliness to the person who did mistakes. The person may not realize first it is a mistake until the other person point out the same to him/ her. It will make him/ her to suspect why the other person behaves like that. The best way is to talk the person openly who made mistake and give him/ her a chance to correct, improve the mistake. That will be healthy way.

    • anil dorle says:

      I agree with the methods suggested above. It happens that if you talk directly, relationship get severed. By adopting silence, we ourselves are also not get
      irritated nor we loose our temper leading to BP and other psychological disorders. Oral scolding /or third grade treatments yields no prolific results. Anil Dorle, Bhopal.

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