Application Invited By Bank Of India For Empanelment Of Concurrent Auditors In 157 Branches All Over India.

Last date of submission: 05.06.2017

Link to Apply Online

Terms for Appointment to be confirmed by Applicant

a. Any other firm where my / our proprietor / partner is interested as proprietor / partner shall not apply

b. The firm / any partner was not statutory auditor or sister/ associate concern/ Network firm of Statutory auditors of branches of Bank of India for the year 2016-17 & I/we are not disqualified under any of grounds given in Sec. 226 of the Companies Act, 1956

c. Credit facilities availed by the firm or partners / proprietor or firms in which they are partners or directors including any facility availed by a third party for which the firm are its partners / proprietor are/is guarantor/s have not turned or are existing as Non- performing assets as per the prudential norms of RBI.

d. I/ We have necessary office set up & adequate personnel to ensure proper deployment and timely completion of assignments.

e. The assignment will not be given on sub-contract to any outside firm or other persons even though such persons are qualified Chartered Accountants.

f. If my/ our name is included in the bank’s list of approved CAs/Consultants, I/ we will undertake to do the tasks entrusted to me / us in the best interest of the Bank & in a professional manner & I/ We abide by the rules and regulations of the Bank in force from time to time and will always keep the bank’s interest foremost in mind. In case of any misconduct/ negligence, the Bank is free to report the matter to RBI/ ICAI. This will be in addition to the disengagement from the assignment.

g. The details/ information furnished above are/is true and correct (if any detail furnished above is found incorrect later on, the Bank has right to terminate the assignment, if given any, without giving any notice).

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One response to “Online Empanelment with Bank of India for Concurrent Audit”

  1. sankar says:

    should signed copy of appln form be sent to bank? if yes to which address

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