Mindfulness activities mean those activities by doing them our mind become calm and energetic. In today’s technological advanced environment it is not always easy to keep our mind calm and energetic. Mind fatigue is more stressful than physical fatigue.

So let’s see what Mindfulness Activities one should do to keep oneself calm and always energetic:-

  • Get-up before sun-rise
  • Have a glass of water
  • Sit at a place where you can be relaxed; probably near window or in a gallery if it is
  • Have a cup of green tea
  • Read a book or a material which gives you positive energy or help in setting positive frame of mind.
  • Once you get up keep yourself away from social media or any kind of negative news for at least two hours in the morning.
  • Have a pen and a notepad and write it down positive affirmations or noting from a book you read it.
  • Sit quite and close your eyes and just concentrate on your breath for at least five to ten minutes.
  • Keep watching greenery if it is there outside of your home or small seedlings that you have planted and try to feel the green energy.
  • If possible always have a cold water bath.

Do this regularly and make these all mindfulness activities as your habit and just see the difference that you will experience in your day to day life.

Happy learning and have a wonderful Mindfulness year ahead!

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