Introduction: The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is committed to fostering professional excellence among its students. In alignment with this pursuit, a crucial announcement has been made regarding the completion of the one-month Executive Development Program (EDP). This update is in accordance with the recently launched Student Training Guidelines-2024, unveiled during Yuvotsav on January 12, 2024.

Detailed Analysis:

1. New EDP Requirement: As per the guidelines, students who have passed the Executive Programme must now undergo a 15-day Online Mode EDP before registering for the 15-day Classroom Mode EDP.

2. Eligibility Criteria: Only students who have successfully passed the Executive Programme are eligible to register for the 15-day Online Mode EDP. Subsequently, those who have completed the online EDP with a valid Completion Certificate can register for the 15-day Classroom Mode EDP.

3. Conducting of EDP: The 15-day Online Mode EDP is exclusively conducted by ICSI-HQ through the Learning Management System (LMS) portal. The Classroom Mode EDP is regularly conducted by Regional Offices (ROs) and eligible Chapters.

4. Registration Process: Students are required to register for both Online and Classroom Mode EDP through the Stimulate Portal at

5. Impact on Practical Training: Successful completion of the one-month EDP (combining online and classroom modes) is a prerequisite for becoming eligible for the 21-month long-term practical training.

6. Guidelines Availability: The detailed Student Training Guidelines-2024 are available on the Institute’s website at the following link: ICSI Student Training Guidelines. Students are strongly advised to thoroughly review the guidelines for a clear understanding of the procedures involved in the Institute’s training programs.

Conclusion: In conclusion, this announcement by ICSI signifies a pivotal step in ensuring the professional development of its students. The revised EDP requirements aim to enhance the quality of training and prepare students for the long-term practical training that follows. It is imperative for both trainers and eligible students to be well-informed and adhere to the guidelines laid out by ICSI for a successful training journey. For further inquiries or clarifications, students can refer to the provided link or contact the Director (Training) at ICSI, New Delhi.

Company Secretaries of India
statutory body under Act of parliament

ICSI/Training/2024/01 Dated:17/01/2024

Attention Students !!

Important Announcement related to completion of one-month EDP

Pursuant to the launch of the Student Training Guidelines-2024, during Yuvotsav held on 12th January, 2024, the students passing Executive programme are now required to complete 15 days Online mode EDP before registering for 15 days Classroom mode EDP.

Students are also advised to take note of the following:

a) Only the students who have passed Executive Programme shall be eligible to register for 15 days Online Mode EDP.

b) The students who have completed 15 Days Online Mode EDP and have a valid Completion Certificate, shall be allowed to register for 15 Days Classroom Mode EDP.

c) 15 days online EDP is conducted by the ICSI-HQ only through LMS portal of the Institute. Further, 15 Days Classroom Mode EDP is conducted regularly by the ROs/eligible Chapters.

d) Students are required to register for EDP (Online as well as Class Room Mode) through Stimulate Portal (

The students shall become eligible to undergo the long-term practical training of 21 months only after successful completion of one month EDP (15 days online mode and 15 days classroom mode).

Further, the Student Training Guidelines- 2024 are available on the website of the Institute at the link: The students are advised to go through the guidelines thoroughly for more information and clarity on the various procedures to be followed while undergoing the trainings of the Institute.

Director (Training)
ICSI, New Delhi

Copy to:

1. All the Trainers imparting practical training to Students

2. All the students eligible to undergo training

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