‘There is no friend as loyal as a book’, said American author Ernest Hemingway. Books fuel up your imagination, provide comfort in times of sadness and open up your eyes for the world.

The importance of the habit of reading is closely linked to professional success, as it opens the brain to new experiences and opens new avenues for knowledge.

What are reading skills?

Reading can make you a better writer and speaker. Reading skills can take you one step further and help you achieve your goals by adapting the way you read. Choosing the right reading skills will improve the reading process and help you achieve your goals.

If you want to read for fun, you can take advantage of extensive reading skills. There is no expectation from the reader and you can understand the meaning of the words through the context. For example, if you’ve read the phrase “Tread softly because you tread on my dreams”, you may find that the meaning of steps has something to do with walking.

Among various reading skills, intensive reading is the most commonly used. Here you pay your full attention to each word and understand it completely. This method will take you longer to read, but the comprehension of the text will be much higher.

Another reading skill is critical reading, to help analyze and question assumptions in the text. This will allow you to draw your own conclusions.

If you want to check information quickly, use skimming. For example, quickly going through a book before buying it. Sometimes when you’re reading you’re just looking for a specific section. This capability is called scanning.

Choosing the right reading method can help you make the most of it. Likewise, you may not want to apply your extensive reading skills to a topic that you find uninteresting.

The importance of reading:

Reading improves students’ lives in several ways:

Train your mind:

One of the crucial advantages of reading is that it affects different parts of your brain. Reading trains your comprehension and analytical skills. It ignites your imagination and stimulates the memory center of your mind. It helps you remember information and stabilizes your emotions.

The importance of reading is to strengthen the mental muscles. Reading is one of the best mental exercises out there. Regular mental stimulation has been shown to slow and even prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Reading keeps the mind agile and youthful.

Role of reading skills in communication:

Swedish-American author Frans Johansson explains in his book “The Medici Effect” how creativity works across sectors. Ideas born in one medium and industry can be used as inspiration for others.

Reading and writing work the same way. Reading improves your writing style and fluency. Writers learn to improve their craft by taking inspiration from other writers. It’s impossible to be a good writer if you don’t read. The famous writer Stephen King is said to carry books with him wherever he goes. He even reads while eating.

Another medium role of reading skills in communication is to improve public speaking skills. As you read, you will learn new words and perspectives. It helps strengthen language and sharpen sentence structure. This gives you a better command of the language. All of these are very important to be a good speaker.

Be a person who reads a lot:

Well-read individuals are held in awe. The words “well read” are often used to denote a scholar full of wisdom.

Advantages of Reading:

The points above show the importance of maintaining the habit of reading. Here are some other benefits of reading regularly:

Improve your thinking and analytical skills:

There are times when you do book reading and find that there is a gap in the plot. You knew who the killer was before the book told you. Somehow your mind works with a higher level of speed when you read. Reading sends your analytical and critical thinking skills to hyper drive. Each book becomes a puzzle your mind tries to solve. With each book he continued to improve his score.

The same skills apply in the real world. The reader’s mind is trained to understand small details. He put the pieces together and was easily able to find the connection. He is more adept at finding patterns and solving puzzles. He learned to synthesize knowledge better.

Help you block noise:

There is a brief attention span each day as life becomes a constant stream of interruptions and activity.

You are expected to manage your WhatsApp messages, check your email, and interact with your coworkers at the same time. Completing such tasks reduces focus and lowers productivity.

But when you read a book, all your attention is focused. The importance of reading in our digital age cannot be stressed enough. This may be the only way to increase focus and alertness.

Help master the language:

Reading is one of the best ways to learn a new language or master a familiar language. Plus, you learn a lot faster when you learn through stories.

Learning words through context is one of the most organic ways to understand their meaning and improve your vocabulary. It also helps to learn colloquial terms.

Connect with other people:

Books can be a great place to chat and meet new people.

Readers can have many stories to tell or topics to discuss and, because of their knowledge, they can easily become the center of attention. Their ability to objectively criticize issues also makes them popular.

So, indeed it is a fact that reading plays a vital role in overall personality development and also when you are studying professional courses like CA, CS and CMA.


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