An Idea and a Movement for Indian Businesses

The case:I want to make a different case and discuss a different kind of social problem we are facing today in our developing economy and our businesses. Many people are used to hear talks about different kinds of social problems like poverty, economic crisis, black money, corruption, rapes, crimes, so and so forth. But, I want to talk about Problem with Employee community all over India (and all over the world).

I want to make a strong case for them because they deserve a fair chance to be treated well, treated like human beings.

Your Employees aren’t your extended Family?:Why can’t we take care of employees as our own family members? (In letters and spirit).Isn’t it a part of our social responsibility? Everyone talks about social responsibility these days, surprisingly they talk only about Company’s Social Responsibility. Company has to spend 2% of net profits on CSR activities, ok fine.

We, as an individual, don’t have any laid down social responsibility rules, hence, we think and act as we like. We are used to treating our employees as machines.

Fault in the Education System:There is no fault of ours, if we are thinking in this manner. It’s the problem with our education system. We have been taught in economics that Man, Machine, Land and Capital are factors of Production. Finish. You were born genius, born as human being but this education of factors of production has ruined your value system.Any economy can rise and fall based on its education system. (Can we accept the responsibility to create a change here???, It’s a separate topic in itself)

The Case:

The Problems Employees face in personal Life:I want to present a case in front of you. It goes like this, take the example of one employee of your organization, you will never know what problems he must be facing in his family and personal life, in his health (mental and physical), his financial conditions, his home loan pressure, depression, his everyday quarrels with neighbors, his children’s school fees and so on.

I have observed in my life that a human being has to suffer and face a lot many difficulties in life, some of us are very lucky to face only few of the problems. Worst are those who are facing all at once.

The Problems Employees face in work life:Now, my concern starts when that employee enters his workplace, what he sees? A problem employee sitting besides him (who unfortunately facing more or less same kind of problems as his). And he sees a problem manager, an owner in problem, a director in problem. Unfortunately, we all have made our life so complicated that we all are facing more or less the same problems. And what further damage we do is we don’t create family and bonding at workplace. We are used to treat our employees as a just another factor of production. (As we are taught)

What can we do about it?There is great scope here to bring a revolution. To start treating your employees fairly. To give them what they deserve and not just what they desire and ask for (Always Exceed their expectations). Please your employees before thinking of pleasing your customers.

Let’s look at why your employees are so important that you should start caring about them?

I will ask few simple questions, your answer will be just one word. That answer is ‘Employees’.

Question Answer
Who innovates ideas for your business progress Employees
Who develops new products Employees
Who looks after your customer care and Business Development Employees
Who makes phone calls and talks to your customers (with a Smile) Employees
Who runs your machineries for manufacturing of products Employees
Who negotiates loans and funding requirements for your business Employees
Who is looking after your investors grievance mechanism Employees
Who is writing your accounts? (For god’s Sake don’t say your SAP and ERP softwares, lol) Employees

The above list is unending.

The lesson:

The lesson I want to bring home is that this world of business does not run without employees. We do not grow without them, the business needs them. We will not be judged by how much Foreign Investments are brought in. You will not be judged by how much growth % your company has. We will not be judged by the Return on Investment (ROI). We will not be judged by the high tech machineries and plants we bring in for production. We will not be judged by the top class smartphones, High end cars and HD televisions we manufacture.

We will be judged by how we treat our workforce who is giving their 10,12 hours a day for coming to work and working for you. (In Mumbai, I have seen people starts from home as early as 6.00 or may be earlier in the morning and reaching 10 or 11 in the night.) What a life?

Do we even give a thought about this???????

Are we numb?

Are we insane?

Are we hallucinated?

Are we just another machine who cannot see and feel another human being in trouble, suffering, struggling and fighting his life?

Lastly I want to bombard you with some questions thatmay keep you thinking.

Question Answer
Can we not do something about the situation? Yes
Can we not build our workplace culture in such a way that people love to wake up in the morning and come to work. (like the owners do, they wake up 5.00 am in the morning and starts thinking about their business, they come to office sharp at 9.00 without expecting any other person to be present at that time) Yes
Can we not make our employees think like owners and business men? Yes
Can we not teach them Entrepreneurship? Yes
Can we not bring about policy changes in our organisations where people feel ownership. Yes
Can’t we share a fix percentage of profit for them, every year?? Yes
Can we not love our employees who are Human Beings (facing their own set of problems) instead of treating them as machines.Technology has equipped us with more power but we are lesser and lesser equipped with empathy, love, compassion, care and so many other things. Yes
Can we not give them an environment where people love each other and make them human beings (which unfortunately they are not getting from their family and friends, more because all are busy with whatsapp and facebook. Talking to family and friends has gone down drastically. I make sure everytime that at least I should talk to my friends on their birthdays and anniversaries.) Yes
Can we not create an environment of family where each employee respects other fellow employees? Yes
Cant we, the managers and leaders also give the respect and sense of belonging to the employees? Yes

Last Questions.

Can we Not Bring a Revolution in the Business World?

Can we not bring Ram Rajya in the Business world?

Will you go bankrupt if you spend a little more on employee care and surprising them unexpectedly?

(Author – CA Rajesh Pabari may be contacted at

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  1. Shinjitha N says:

    jus today i encountered similar problem,the worker at my audit place made a mistake in loading the goods…the proprietor scolded him to such an extent that it will make any person cry.. i remembered ur post…truly very few realize it…or i guess don’t realize at all..:(

  2. CA Rajesh Pabari says:

    @ Chintan, Mr. Shanmuganathan, isha, shinjitha, srinivas ji,akash, bhavya,pranav, ajay ji

    @Nagaraja TV, you can take advise of lawyer and ask him the chances of winning the case and then u can ask him whether you can pay him based on percentage of claim received from bank. If he is a genuine adviser, he will agree. Or else dont get dishearted, you can always write in your resume that this scheme implemented by SBI is your work and people may believe you for your skills. The art never goes waste. The work has to be appreciated by your own soul and heart. It does not matter whether the world recignizes it or not. And lastly, thanks for your feedback.

    @ Mr. G Shriniva, i agree with your point. The same should be put forward with government. I see only blink chances for any change.

    @Akash, it may take a great deal of time for Indian organisations to understand and implement these ideology. Anyways we should keep trying to bring it to notice of others. At least the readers will do justice to the employees they handle. I hope we can be the change we wanted to see

    @pranav ji,
    I hope you dont need any help from me, so no comments. But one advise, be a man of heart and not a man of just mind.

    @Ajay Ji, thanks for reading the article and your feedback has increased one more page in my diary. I hope i can incorporate it in my write ups on this topics.

  3. CA Ajay Gupta says:

    Some time back, I read an article about Human Capital, published by a consultancy firm. Accordingly, Human Capital is the most valuable if considered in Financials. And as per times to come, companies should work in the areas of evaluating Human
    Capital and considered the same in financials.

    Ironically, the most valuable capital is most ignored asset. At times there are news that companies spend so much on their employees, provided much amenities e.g. Gym, Sports Hours, Flexi Timing etc…, but the question is how many employees actually enjoyed these…at least I’ve not seen any finance professional enjoying the same even for a day.

    Hope sometime this will change!!! At least CA. Pabari has given some food for thought!!! Thanks..

  4. GVA Srinivas says:

    We request the Authorities concerned to review the Income Tax directions. Levying tax on Dearness Allowance may please be reviewed. Because, DA is provided to Employees to compensate the increase in cost of essential commodities. The increase in DA is usually not commensurate with that of prices of essential commodities. Over this, a part of the DA is taken away as Income Tax, which is not justifiable. As such, we appeal to all concerned to review the same. We hope atleast in the coming appropriate steps will be initiated.

  5. Pranav says:

    Let the relationship go as it is. We have taken only one side of coin.(not human as coin). Wehave forgotton the case of those disloyal employees who eat aways money of employer. Human can never be changed nor they can be concluded. Humans tend to act as per situation. They cannot be confined into rules etc. howsoever good we treat humans they r bound to be disloyal.

  6. CA Rajesh Pabari says:

    I am thrilled with Positive Responses.

    Shall revert to each replies very soon.

    Let us unite together for spreading these ideas.

  7. Bhavya says:

    The problems are really brought out very well. This is far better in case of Males. Think about femal employees we do work in same force again need to be expected to work at home as well.

    I really appreciate the way the problems & assets of Human analysis

  8. akash jain says:

    Dear Sir,

    It was nice to read that kind of stuff apart form daily tax notifications.
    It is such a nice Thought. I myself is working as an articled assistant in ca firm and wish the concerned ones read it too and implement them in their work areas.

    Thanking You

  9. GVA Srinivas says:

    Very very ;noble ideas. A very innovative thought. We are glad that somebody is there to think of us. We also request you to take up the following issue if you find it reasonable.-
    Government is taxing the Dearness Allowance paid to an employeed (salaried person) which we feel is not justifiable. Because, DA is paid to meet the price rice. As it is, the hike in DA is not immediate and does not in commensurate with the rise in the pricess of essential commodities. And again, a portion of the paltry hike in DA is taken away by way of taxes.
    Many of my colleagues agree with this line of thinking. What about you sir. . ?

  10. nagaraj t v says:


    2) This issue can be solved. Every problem has a solution.
    Will you be pro-active and implement my model? Respond.

  11. nagaraj t v says:


    Yes, you are right. CSR is against the employer.

    But which employer organisation has positive thinking?

    In 2006 I submitted one suggestion to State Bank of India
    under Staff Suggestion Scheme. It was rejected in 2006.
    Now SBI has implemented my scheme in toto on all-India level
    with effect from 01-04-2012.SBI gets crores of income on
    my suggestion. I asked for royalty for implementing my suggestion.
    SBI has refused. Material evidence is with me.

    Conclusion: Everything is fine in theory. But in practice
    employersa turn harsh and deceive. See my case.
    Where can I get justice. If I put a civil case, I have to spend lot of money
    to the advocate. Any forum available. I complained to the Director of Public
    Grievances, New Delhi. Result is zero. What to do? Can you be pro-active? Respond.

  12. Chintan Lakhani says:

    As per me we should consider employee as a company’s assets and also incorporated in final account. So owner will come to know the true value of their dedicated employee

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