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Just imagine the consequences if every part of India will be connected by Broadband and 3G/4G.

1. Education: Education is the first area that will be impacted greatly. Some school can upload videos on daily basis (say in Mumbai) and students sitting in remote villages can watch those videos. What an Idea Sirji! Yes, this will happen. Ultimately, this will be a boon for our country and all other countries that are in development stage.

2. Skill Development: As of now, there are millions or billions of videos on internet (Mostly on youtube) for learning any new thing you can think of. It won’t be difficult for anyone to learn something where he/she has interest. I guess people will be able to pursue their passion easily and productivity will improve per person ultimately leading to increase in national output.

3. Content Sharing: People will create their stuffs and put on the internet, if something is worth giving attention it will ultimately be discovered by the internet users. The data over internet will keep on increasing.

4. Marketing: The future of marketing is way different than present. The future will mostly be internet driven. Websites, YouTube, Facebook and such things will assume more share in marketing efforts. More importantly, useless marketing will be criticized on nearly immediate basis on internet. (Such as useless and annoying advertisements on TV). So, only the honest and pleasing advertisements will have a place in the market. Good for marketers that they will come to know the feedback of people in fairly quick time.

5. Innovators and new comers: People who are inventing something or coming up with quite different ideas or useful websites or products will spread to the market on nearly immediate basis because of connectivity. If your product or service is genuinely useful for the market and comes at fairly acceptable prices, you won’t face problem of finding customers or clients. If you are making extra ordinarily high profits out of high margin of profit, entrepreneur class will catch up with you to compete and grab market share that you have created.

6. Professionals: Professionals like CA, CS, Lawyers etc will be valued for their services only if they are giving better services and they are different from the crowd or they are specialized in something or reasons similar to these. Information exchange and internet platforms will ultimately benefit consumers of services. Because of easy connection between clients and service providers, income of professionals from referral fees will take a hit.

7. Managers: Professional managers and MBAs coming out of colleges will be relatively smarter because of openness of information and knowledge on the internet. They can tap into lectures and speeches of internationally acclaimed business tycoons, top university professors also they can learn easily from each other by having online group discussion, connecting with each other over cell phones and so on. Ultimately benefiting the business community and industry.

8. Politics: Work of politicians will be quickly spread to the nationwide audience hence politicians who are actually doing something for the society and country will find their supporters and will ultimately be able to move ahead. Same is true with the unworthy people on top.

To Conclude, India will gain a lot from the Digital India target in mind. I hope telecom companies keep these purposes and consequences in mind and start investing in connecting India as soon as possible and resultantly they themselves will benefit. If not through competition then by Public-Private partnerships, the project should be given priority.

(Written by CA Rajesh Pabari – for feedback kindly contact or WhatsApp on +919022780919)

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  1. Surojit says:

    It is a good article.But my views on internet learning and imparting education is different because utility of internet educations depends largely on the imbibing skills of the users of such facility.Currently our per capita income is one of the lowest in the world.The Govt.needs to focus on alleviation of poverty and thereafter primary education to formulate a strong fundamental base so that levels of technological awareness is upgraded to achieve the perception levels of the article.

  2. SenthilKumar K says:

    definitely good thought.

    we shall suggest the Govt. to provide the access to some web sites* at free of cost for our people which would very much helpful.

    * related to education, life, & social ..

  3. Kumar Mohan Kar says:

    Definitelay this move can bring a great impact on every corner of India and many services not reachable or hardly rechable at this point to bottom mass can be reached easily and ulitimately Information Technology can bring a great revolution to it’s maximum extent.

    CA.Kumar Mohan Kar,FCA

  4. Vasudev says:

    Oh Yes! But the catch lies in the details. For medium video quality and high speed internet, along with high volume downloads like video streams,cost of access right now is prohibitive even for urban middle class families.Forget the rural poor. So either the access cost for such high bandwidth quality stuff has to reduce by atleast 70% or again new subsidy scheme for the rural poor.

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