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Finally the Exams are approaching, finally the dreams are about to come true and finally you are going to free yourself from this burden called “CA Final Exams”.

Now you all have entered in the last phase of your journey. Imagine, you are just one step away to become a member of  prestigious Institute of our Country.

You all have been studying so hard from past few months to crack these exams right…. You must have gone through the whole syllabus once, solved thousands of papers, have studied 11-18 hours and spent endless sleepless nights.  But now for these last 15 days I would suggest all of you to stop…..stop and take a pause. Yes, you have read it right. Its time to take a break. It’s time to break the ice. It’s time to stop following the regular approach because it is the time to introduce Smart Work into the picture.

You know it is very important to do right thing at the right time. Smart work saves time and builds the confidence. Studying for 18 hours a day is not something very healthy and you can rarely, if ever, adapt yourself to doing something like that. What is most effective is studying with full concentration in small pockets and taking short breaks in between. Your focus shouldn’t be on HOW LONG you studied but on HOW MUCH you studied.

Although preparation of exams varies from individual to individual but still keeping in mind the general perceptive writing herewith the following simple yet smart tips that might help you in coming 15 days:

1. Keep yourself motivated all the time. Believe me or not it is going to help you a lot. If think confidently you will not feel the pressure for sure.

2. Go through each and every chapter once even if that chapter hold less weightage as you never know what will come in paper and if seems difficult then at least try to have a basic idea about the topic you left.

3. Stop using Social Media till Exams.

4. Prioritize the hard chapters and devote maximum time to them.

5. Sit and make a revision plan. Set daily targets and complete the portions you have decided. Allocate your time to each subject in a way you see fit. You can either give each subject the same amount of time or divide the time according to your ability level in each subject.

6. Understand the pattern of exam paper and even try to solve them. Make a ambience of exam hall in home itself and try to solve atleast 2 paper daily. By doing this you will immediately get to know where you are lacking.

7. Don’t try to refer any new material. Any new study material, revision book, new notes will disturb your schedule, will frustrate you and ultimately will fall you in the sense of stress.

8. Be true to yourself. This is last advice I can give you all. See no one is going to help you. You are the Captain of your ship. This is your life after all. Give your 1000% to achieve that 100%. Fully dedicate yourself to your goal without any distraction.

Make this final war the biggest Victory of your life and share your success story with us. All the best,  Stay Positive, Stay Motivated and of course Stay Connected. Do let me know if I can help you in any way to achieve your success.


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