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In continuation to this Departments RFP on the above mentioned subject, this Department invites proposals from reputed firms / consultants to undertake the job of scrutiny of subsidy claims in respect of NER States. Additional information to facilitate interested firms / consultants to submit their proposal to this Department is as under:

(i) Though it is not possible to quantify the value of claim or number of claims at this stage, since pre-audit is done only when claims are cleared by SLC, as on date 41 claims under transport subsidy amounting to approx Rs. 74.02 crores are pending pre-audit in Meghalaya (SLC held on 13.01.2012). In case of Assam, 55 claims under Capital Investment Subsidy worth Rs. 34 crores are pending pre-audit. A SLC meeting on TSS is scheduled to be held in Assam on 02.04.2012 in which 73 claims worth Rs. 9.81 crores is proposed to be considered. In case of Nagaland, 2500 claims under transport subsidy amounting to approx Rs. 250 crores and 1000 claims under CCIS amounting to approx. Rs. 45 crores is pending pre-audit. In other States of NER there are not too many claims which are pending pre-audit. Details of these claims are awaited from concerned States.

(ii) There is a wide fluctuation in claim value. Value of claims ranges from a few thousands to a few crores. Thus average value of claims may not be a correct yardstick to make an assessment of the size of the claim.

(iii) Initially it is proposed to depute pre-audit team to clear all backlog claims as well as claims likely to be cleared by the SLCs in its forthcoming meetings. It is hoped that this work should be completed within a period of 6 months from the date of engagement of eligible firm to undertake the job. In case the pre-audit work is completed by the outsourcing agency well in advance (prior to completion of its term of engagement), the agency may be requested to carry out post-audit of claims in which disbursements have already been made.

(iv) Past experience of the Department reveals that engagement of 3 to 4 persons under the supervision of a senior consultant should be sufficient to complete pre-audit of pending claims as stated above. In any case deployment of manpower, as stated herein should be for 20 working days in a month on full time basis

 (v) Maximum claims pertain to the State of Meghalaya and Assam. In case of transport subsidy, share of NER States is approximately 93% of the subsidy being disbursed. Out of the subsidy being disbursed in NER States, share of Assam is 47% and Meghalaya is 33%. Other States have very little stake. Similar is the case in subsidy disbursed under NEIIPP.

(vi) Consultants are not required to travel to the site of the unit for physical verification.

2. Interested firms / persons having relevant experience were earlier required to submit the proposal in the prescribed format alongwith earnest money strictly in accordance with the instruction in the Tender documents by 16.03.2012 upto 15:00 hrs. This has now been extended to 23rd March, 2012 upto 15:00 hrs. Proposals in the prescribed format alongwith earnest money strictly in accordance with the instruction in the Tender documents can now be submitted to Arun Kumar, Under Secretary, Room No. 482, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi-110107. Proposals received after stipulated date and time will not be entertained under any circumstances. Bids received upto 23rd March, 2012 by 03:00 PM would now be opened in presence of bidders who may wish to be present on the same day (i.e., 23rd March, 2012 at 03:3 0 PM).

Other terms and conditions specified in the RFP remain unaltered.

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