Empanelment of Schools/ Educational Institutions for holding May-2011 Chartered Accountants Examinations and Common Proficiency Test June-2011

The ICAI conducts Chartered Accountants Examinations in most of the cities in the Country as under :

(i) Chartered Accountants Examinations

( Timings : 9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon)

(a) 2nd May-2011 to 16th May-2011

( including intermittent Sundays)

(ii) Common Proficiency Test

( 10.30 AM to 4.00 PM with break of 1 1/2 hrs):

(a) 19th June-2011 – One day, Sunday

The ICAI requires additional Schools/ Educational Institutions with good infrastructure and facilities in addition to the existing Examination Centres to hold Chartered Accountants Examinations . Interested parties may see the terms & conditions at the URL . The existing Schools/ Educational Institutions which are already providing accommodation for CA Exams need not apply. The Terms and Conditions for Empanelment have been given on page nos. 1 & 2. The Format in which the Schools/ Colleges are required to submit their relevant details is given on page nos. 3 & 4 . The names of the cities where Chartered Accountants Examinations May-2011 and Common Proficiency Test June-2011 are being held have been given on page no. 5 .

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