As you are aware, results of all stages of CA Exam for November/December, 18 attempts has been declared by ICAI. Some Students are able to clear their exams and some are not able to get their desired results. All of us are aware that, CA Exam is one of the toughest exams of India. CA exam requires full dedication from its students. It is expected from CA Student that, he must be aware about content of CA Exam study material and updated with current notifications relevant to their exam attempt.

 I am going to share, some of the commonly done mistakes in CA Exams, which I have realized during the Journey of my CA Student Life.

1. REQUIRES FULL DEDICATION: As already mentioned above, CA Exam is one of the toughest exams, which requires full dedication from its student. During the preparation of exam, student must go through the updated ICAI Study material and all relevant notifications. In case of Auditing and Income Tax –Direct/ Indirect exam, 10-15 marks exam is based on latest amendments, so it should be covered thoroughly.

2. DO ARTICLESHIP SERIOUSLY: Period of articleship/ training is the backbone of CA curriculum. It is advised to all CA Students that, they will utilize this period very effectively. This period will decided your future in CA Exam as well as when you become Chartered Accountant. In this period, you will be able to get maximum exposure of practical issues in the guidance of your CA Trainer.

3. DO REGULAR STUDY: When you enroll for CA, you will get your relevant study material. Start reading this study material along with books of other authors. Try to get in regular touch of study material as it will help you allot in your practical training also.

4. COMPLETE YOUR ALL COACHING/ CURRICULUM AT LEST 3 MONTHS BEFORE YOUR EXAM ATTEMPT: It is advised to all CA Students that, they should finish their all Curriculum well in time. They must spend atleast 2 Months on just revision of their studied things. This is very important time. So utilize it very effectively.

5. USE REVISION PAPERS TO PRACTICE FOR EXAM: As you all are aware that, our Institute issues revision paper along with answers before each attempt. It is very much advised to all students, that they should try to attempt these revision papers after completion of their Curriculum as per exam condition and try to solve complete paper in 2.30 Hours. After completion of this Revision Paper, now compare your answers with the answers as given by the revision paper solution. This process needs full attention from your side because; you have to find out the differences in answer written by you and what ICAI wants from you. This will help you in understanding the reason why most students failed in CA Exam.

6. ATTEMPTS LAST EXAM QUESTION PAPERS It is advised to all students that, they should practice at least last 3 to 5 attempts question paper of each subject carefully and compare your answer with ICAI Suggested answer. With this practice, you will be able to determine the reason why there is difference between your expected marks and marks awarded by ICAI.

7. USE PROPER HANDWRITINGStudents should use proper handwriting, so that it is properly readable by examiner. If examiner is not able to read your answer properly, there is very high chance that, you will not be able to get good marks.

8. HIGHLIGHT YOUR QUESTION NUMBER PROPERLY – Students must highlight or start new question from fresh paper so that, examiner will be able to know when question starts and when end.

9. TRY TO ATTEMPT ALL QUESTION: It is highly recommended to all students that, they should attempt full 100 marks question paper. If you have attempted all questions then, there is very high chance that you will get more marks than a student whose has attempted 60 -70 Marks best questions.

10. UTILIZE 15 MINUTES READING TIME EFFECTIVELY – As per ICAI exam Policy, students will be given 15 minutes question paper reading time. All students should reach exam premises 15-20 minutes before entry time and utilize this 15 minutes timing very effectively. If you read question paper properly, you will get the overview of the answers what you have to write and in which order to write.

11. ATTEMPT THAT QUESTION FIRST IN WHICH YOU HAVE GOOD KNOWLEDGE. – If you attempt question paper in this way, it will boost up your inner confidence and you will feel energetic will answering the questions, in which you have less command.

12. WRITE YOUR ANSWER IN PROPER STEP BY STEP FORM:  At the time of exam writing, you should write your answer with proper supporting like assumptions, if any made while answering, case law, formula used etc. You should write your answer on the assumption that; examiner does not know the answer and you have to proof that, your answer is correct.

13. DO NOT WRITE YOUR ROLL NUMBER EXCEPT THE REQUIRED PLACE: Some students write their roll number on extra sheet or somewhere in answer sheet. Please avoid this practice, because this practice will be classified as use of unfair means and your exam will be cancelled on this basis.

Personal Experience: Those who have failed this time or failed 1st time in their life do not get de-motivated. CA is a profession where toppers of school time, have to feel the heat of failure. Like most of you, I am also the topper at School time but failed twice before I got the designation of Chartered Accountant with my name. Journey to become a Chartered Accountant is really tough, but when you get it, you feel proud, to become the part of Creamy layer of country. The Economic condition of country will be decided with your signature. So do not get de- motivated, try again and achieve your goal. As members of Chartered Accountants fraternity, we are eagerly waiting for you to add youngster as part of our Institute.

Hoping that, these common steps can help you in avoiding common reasons of failure in CA Exam and reader of this articles will avoid these mistakes and come out with flying colour in May, 2019 exam. “ALL THE BEST”

Disclaimer: This article is for the purpose of information and shall not be treated as solicitation in any manner and for any other purpose whatsoever. It shall not be uses as legal opinion and not to be used for rendering any professional advice. This article is written on the basis of author’s person experience gained during CA Student Life. Adequate attention has been given to avoid any clerical/arithmetical error, however; if it still persist kindly intimate us to avoid such error for the benefits of others readers.

The Author can be reached at mail –[email protected] and Mobile/Whatsapp – 9911303737 – (CA Shiv Kumar Sharma)


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