Hello Articles!

Welcome to the new phase

A three year continuous race

A race with no one else

But with your own self

Where first year is a hard learning

Just like a candle that is all burning

Where you have to meet with your inner foes

So that you can compete with all your flaws

Where second year is a self-test

Where u have an ability to show your best

What all you have learnt up till now

Must reflect no space for a word ‘how’

Where third year is an expert mode

Because you are now building a success road

Just pour your heart out to audit and tax

Give your best and leave the rest

Congratulations! You have now grown up in all the ways

Like the Sun spreading its rays

Let me tell u my dear ones

Theory is not the only option

Theory has no value without a practical base

Just like pen without paper has no space

Believe in your hard work and in yourself too

Everything else will shine like a diamond in you

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  1. Naresh Khanna says:

    Articles have simply Vanished nowadays ! being a science Graduate myself i had some wandering time during 1984 to 1987 during my Articles. I decided to give prime importance to my Articles and make them Chartereds Before they are certified as one. I am doing well in that. My firm is small and we compete with big four !!!!

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