Relax! I’m not asking you to cheat on someone else but to cheat on your own self. Just cheat on your worries, work pressures, anxiety, frustration, depression, strict routine, negative mood and attitude, lower tolerances, behavioral changes and cheat on everything that is counting on your health to decline.

The 24*7 lifestyle is causing serious mental illness which often goes unnoticed. It’s a high time for you to ‘STOP‘. An idea behind a Cheat Day is basically to ‘QUIT‘ from your labour for atleast one day a week. A Cheat Day is recommended to have enough time to get to the things you really want to do in life.

I noticed, under so much of work pressure, people tend to work for more hours which lead to depression and this is growing as an epidemic. Do not let it go undetected. Save the world around you from getting infected. Take a day off to kill this feeling of depression and anxiety before it’s too late. Don’t be a work worm. Don’t crack under pressure. Give yourself some rest. A much needed rest.

Believe me a Cheat Day can be a great stress buster. All you need to do on this day is to ‘”Connect with People'” around you. A good network of friends and family help you see things in a different way. Have good laugh with them and laughing we all know is an excellent stress reliever.

Another right way to spend a Cheat Day is to have some quality “Me-Time” away from work. Spend enough time doing things ‘YOU’ really enjoy. Take time to ‘Relax’. Strike a balance between personal and professional life. Tell yourself that it’s okay to take a day off once in a week. Prioritize ‘Self-Care’. Get some ‘Restful Sleep’. Just keep calm and ‘Invest in Yourself’ to provide return to your clients you are working for. It has been rightly said, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of Yourself first”. Don’t make worrying a hobby.

If you really like my post promise me,   “From Today only You refuse to stress Yourself self out about things you cannot control or change.”

Happy Days Ahead! 

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  1. Avinash Vishnu Bhadkamkar says:

    Very good article. One really needs to follow “cheat day”. I am sure if one observe it, will feel fresh for the rest of the week. Hearty congratulations for the article.

  2. R Suresh says:

    Really a great idea to read your article… Absolutely wonderful if we follow it practically…Nowadays generations are not health conscious and taking a day or two as off which everybody loves but not practically possible in this fast paced world.

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