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CA Priti KachhalWould not be an exaggeration if said,

Life without yoga certainly difficult to survive.

An appeal to all guys dreaming about going ahead,

Spare few minutes for asanas- meditation, pranayama & exercise.

Include in your daily life,

Rhythmic breathing techniques.

So last date pressure of return filing,

As per PRUDENCE can be dealt with good matrix.

Follow CONSISTENCY always,

In doing meditation & asanas.

Concentrate on per capita GDP of the country,

Become participative in all round nation’s growth doing ‘tadasana’.

Physically, mentally, spiritually & socially,

Do Yoga & live well-managed balanced- perfect life.

Everybody knows the eternal reality of the soul’s immortality,

GOING CONCERN spreads positive attitude towards one’s life.

At last I wish you all,

A very happy International Yoga Day.

& ends with “ACCRUAL concept also, gets well fitted to yoga.

Yog se hi Leela Rach Gaye Sudarshan Dhari Shri Krishna Vasudeva”

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