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Direct Listing Scheme: Indian Companies on Global Exchanges in GIFT City

January 28, 2024 996 Views 0 comment Print

Direct Listing of Equity Shares of Companies Incorporated in India on International Exchanges of GIFT IFSC: Accessing Global Capital and Growth for Indian Companies The Indian government has introduced a new framework for Indian companies, both listed and unlisted(public), to directly list their shares on international stock exchanges. This “Direct Listing Scheme” allows companies to […]

SEBI’s ESG Revolution: Mutual Funds Embrace Diverse Strategies for Green Financing

January 7, 2024 684 Views 0 comment Print

SEBI transforms the ESG landscape, allowing mutual funds to launch multiple ESG schemes with varied strategies. Explore the new criteria for ESG investments, enhanced disclosure rules, and the certification process. Stay informed about the changing dynamics of green financing in India.

India’s Carbon Market: Policy, Trends and Global Integration – Part 1

December 31, 2023 732 Views 0 comment Print

Explore draft policy framework of Indian Carbon Market, aligning with global commitments. Learn from CDM, PAT, and REC initiatives shaping India’s carbon mitigation strategies.

Minimum requirements for registration of a NPO on Social Stock Exchange

September 30, 2022 4368 Views 0 comment Print

Learn the minimum requirements for registering an NPO on the Social Stock Exchange (SSE) in India. Find out about the necessary documents and registrations.

Initial Phase Social Stock Exchange – Framework So Far: Part-3

September 13, 2022 780 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the framework of the Initial Phase of the Social Stock Exchange in this insightful read, covering key amendments in SEBI regulations, especially the transition from Social Venture Funds to Social Impact Funds. Delve into the definition of Social Impact Funds, the concept of Social Units, and the revised provisions on the minimum corpus and individual investment values.

Initial Phase Social Stock Exchange – Framework So Far: Part 2

September 10, 2022 729 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the regulatory landscape of Social Stock Exchange (SSE) through SEBI’s amendments in the Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements. Delve into the framework, including materiality disclosures, event reporting, annual impact reports, and the roles of Social Auditors and Social Audit Firms. Stay updated on the evolving Initial Phase of SSE in this insightful Part 2 analysis.

Initial Phase Social Stock Exchange cum Social Auditor- Framework So Far

September 10, 2022 2076 Views 0 comment Print

India’s drive to meet agenda for Sustainability Development by 2030, SEBI notifies various framework for the Social Stock Exchange(SSE), which will provide Social Enterprises(SE) with an additional avenue to raise funds from not just Grant-in-Aid from Governments but also from Public and Private Sectors.

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