CA Vishal Bane
CA Vishal Bane

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Practicing Chartered Accountant, specialization in Income Tax (International Taxation, Domestic Income Tax). Currently, associated as partner with the chartered accountants firm, M/s Sanjay Rane & Associates based in Mumbai.
Member Since: 05 Aug 2018
Total Posts: 1
Qualification: CA in Practice
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Company: Sanjay Rane and Associates
Designation: Partner



Job Experience

7 year and 1 month experience as Partner at Sanjay Rane & Associates. 1 year and 11 months experience as Financial Analyst at IRIS Business Services Ltd.

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1. Amendment in Income Tax Act through Finance Act 2021
126,084 Views | 6 comments | Published: 16 May 2021 | Posted Under: Income Tax |
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