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Hello, people over there, it's very difficult for me to explain what I possess within 1000 characters because I have lived for more than 1000 days and each day, I inculcate something new that makes me the person who I am right now. But to summarise me in a few words, I would describe myself as a person who lives to teach others and enlighten with the knowledge that I have. Because I live to share. So here on this platform, I have a motive to make the people aware of the latest tax issues and the solution to it, according to my introspection.
Member Since: 18 Apr 2019
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Qualification: LL.B / Advocate
Location: Delhi, New Delhi, IN
Company: Clifford Chance
Designation: Taxation Lawyer


A law student at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. Pursuing, B.Com.LL.B.(Hons.) in Taxation Laws

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Trainee at Clifford Chance

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Research, Writing, and Drafting

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