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GST on Income of YouTubers

July 6, 2023 4368 Views 0 comment Print

Discover how YouTubers earn through advertisements, affiliate marketing, and subscription-based content. Learn about the GST implications on their income and the necessary compliance requirements.

Impact of GST on Software sales

May 19, 2023 4905 Views 0 comment Print

GST on Software sales – Whether it is a goods/service and composite/mixed supply and If supplied outside India, whether treated as export ?

Non Resident- Practical Queries & Answers

May 1, 2023 3018 Views 2 comments Print

Clearing the air on tax queries for Non-Residents in India. Understand residency criteria, tax implications, TDS, property transactions, and more.

Crypto currency – Goods or service – Actionable claim or lottery?

March 28, 2022 2397 Views 1 comment Print

Unraveling the complexities of GST on cryptocurrency transactions: understanding the taxability and valuation from a legal perspective.

GST: Pizza toppings costlier than pizza!

March 15, 2022 4596 Views 3 comments Print

Discover why pizza toppings can be more expensive than the pizza itself. Learn about the recent GST decision and how it affects the cost of your favorite toppings.

Useful Tips & Strategy to Clear DISA in 1st Attempt

December 16, 2021 26955 Views 0 comment Print

Clearing CA seems to be a feat achieved which is truly so. However, getting a post qualification degree adds an extra to the ordinary.  For this the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) offers some post-qualification courses one of them being Diploma in Information System Audit (DISA).  Also as per ICAI Guidelines for members, […]

Retrogressive “Retrospective” levy in GST- Is it Fair?

September 27, 2021 5256 Views 0 comment Print

Section 7(2) of the CGST Act,2017 contains Schedule III which includes activities which shall neither be treated as supply of goods nor services also termed as Negative List in GST these are:

De-linking of ITC on Debit Notes with Invoice – Implications

September 27, 2021 13473 Views 0 comment Print

On 20th September 2021, CBIC issued a Circular No. 160/15/2021-GST which in simple language reads as under: The intent of law as specified in the Memorandum explaining the Finance Bill, 2020 states that “Clause 118 of the Bill seeks to amend sub-section (4) of section 16 of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act so […]

SOP to cancel GST Registration

April 17, 2021 8655 Views 1 comment Print

GST Registration can be cancelled either suo-moto or on application filed by the registered person. But why would a person want to cancel the registration? Circumstances that would warrant the registered person to cancel his registration are: a) The business has been discontinued/transferred fully for any reason/amalgamated with other legal entity/demerged, or otherwise disposed of/death […]

Gamut of Privileges to a Small Company

April 5, 2021 2796 Views 0 comment Print

Now Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has amended the Companies (Specification of definition Details) Rules, 2014 w.e.f. 1st April 2021 to give effect to higher monetary limits for a private company to be considered as a small company. The limit of maximum Paid-up capital has been increased from Rs. 50 Lakh to Rs. 2 Crores and the maximum turnover limit has been increased from Rs. 2 Crores to Rs. 20 Crores to be a small compan

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