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Place of Supply under GST – Detailed Analysis

The term 'Place of Supply' has the vital role in the GST. To know the nature of Supply whether the supply is inter-state supply or intra-state supply, one should know the place of supply to determine the nature of supply....

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Time of Supply under Goods and Service Tax (GST) Regime

The chapter IV of the CGST Act determines the time of supply of goods or supply of services. Tax Liability arises from the date of time of supply. Time of Supply determines the point of time: 1. the time when the liability to pay tax arises; 2. the rate of tax applicable with reference to […]...

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Supply under GST-Detailed Analysis

The event of GST starts where there is a case of Supply. If there is no case of Supply, GST is not required and not to be considered. A word sale has not been taken under GST Act. In place of sale there is a word Supply. Various taxable events in pre-GST regime such as […]...

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Real Estate & Joint Development Agreement under GST

This Article contains provisions in regard of Real Estate and Joint Development Agreement which are applicable from 01-04-2019. It is presumed that all constructions and agreements are effected after 01-04-2019 and there is no case of ongoing project. Index for this Article: A. Definitions B. Supply under Real Estate Business C. Valuation...

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Input Tax Credit under GST – Detailed Analysis

Input Tax Credit is one of the Key Features of the GST. Input Tax Credit is available on each supply made under GST subject to conditions prescribed. It is a very important topic for the registered person to understand how he can claim input tax credit, when he can claim, which he cannot claim etc.. […]...

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Registration under GST – Detailed Analysis

Introduction > Registration is a basic requirement to run the net work of GST. > Registration is an Authority available to the Registered Person to collect tax on behalf of the Government. > Registration is a source by which the Registered Person can claim input Tax Credit. > Seamless flow of Input Tax Credit among […]...

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Composition Levy under GST- Detailed Analysis

The Government has prescribed this scheme to avail by the small dealers who are not interesting to maintain detailed records, who mainly deal with end consumers, who also deal in multiple items with different rate of tax etc.. Composition Levy is a tax which is paid by the registered person on his turnover. Tax is […]...

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Reverse Charge Mechanism Under GST on Goods and Services

Article explains What is Reverse Charge, Analysis of provisions stated under Section 9(3) and Section 9(4) of the CGST Act, Journey of Section 9 (4) of the CGST Act from 01-07-2017 to 31-01-2019, Input Tax Credit provisions in regard of Reverse Charge Mechanism, Set Off of Reverse Charge Liability, Time of Supply in the case […]...

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