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Capital gain on sale of house property by NRI

May 7, 2020 4845 Views 0 comment Print

As per Finance Act, 2020, there is an amendment in Section 6 of the Income tax Act, 1961, for determining the residential status of an individual. An individual, who is citizen of India, is said to be Non Resident if he doesn’t satisfy any of the below conditions: He is in India for a period […]

Clubbing of Income from Assets Transferred to a Person for the Benefit of Son’s Wife

May 7, 2020 3915 Views 1 comment Print

Provisions under section 64(1)(viii) Clubbing provisions on the Income from Assets Transferred to a Person tor the Benefit of Son’s Wife  By the virtue of section 64(1)(viii) where an individual (assessee) has transferred an asset to any person or AOP (association of persons) for the benefit of his or her son’s wife without any adequate […]

जीएसटी पर एक बातचीत सुधीर हालाखंडी से – सीए अजय शर्मा  

May 7, 2020 4629 Views 0 comment Print

सुधीर सर , आपका इस बातचीत में आपका स्वागत है . आइये सबसे पहले बात करें कोरोना लॉकडाउन के दौरान आपका समय कैसे निकल रहा है . आप अपनी गतिविशियों में लगातार व्यस्त रहते हैं तो इस समय थोड़ी परेशानी तो हो रही होगी . इस समय लेखन और कार्टून कैसे चल रहें हैं .  वैसे आज लगभग 45 दिन हो गये हैं…

Some GST Aspects & Transactions Explained with Q&A- Part VI

May 7, 2020 2613 Views 0 comment Print

Whether services provided to various Boards constituted by the State Government, especially sweeping services will qualify for exemption under GST Law

Why Some businesses grow and others remain small

May 7, 2020 3336 Views 0 comment Print

In the present scenario, it is very difficult to streamline the reasons, why some business grow, while others remain small throughout their life. However, sometimes the attitude of the entrepreneurs towards business and sometimes their strategies to grow in their business seems to be improper, which create failure for them in future. But it is […]

Pandora’s Box in GST TRAN 1 transitional form              .

May 7, 2020 1224 Views 0 comment Print

At the time of implementation of GST in order to eliminate double taxation, a transitional provision was made available for businessmen having carry over of Cenvat credit and Input VAT credit which was  eligible Cenvat/Input Credit (ITC) in the earlier regime of GST.

Section 4(5) of Gratuity Act Applies only when there are options

May 7, 2020 15204 Views 3 comments Print

Section 4(5) of the Gratuity Act applies only when there are options for the employee under the Act and under contract with employer: Supreme Court  APEX COURT DECISION IN THE MATTER OF BCH ELECTRIC LIMITED VS. PRADEEP MEHRA & ANOTHERS [CIVIL APPEAL NOS. 2379 TO 2382]  The Hon’ble Apex Court held that Section 4(5) of […]

Flow Chart for Holding & Conducting a Board Meeting via Video Conference Mode in Coronavirus Times

May 7, 2020 5187 Views 1 comment Print

We are aware of the destruction that the Coronavirus / COVID – 19 has caused to the global economy. Day to day lives of Humans around the globe has changed by 360 degrees. The pandemic challenges the Board of Directors to safely travel and to conduct meetings during these times. April – September are the […]

Has the World changed for Airline Industry? Cheap travel days are over?

May 7, 2020 630 Views 0 comment Print

Recently, Warren Buffett (Oracle of Omaha) admitted that he made an understandable mistake when valuing the airline stocks as a near-global halt in travel due to the corona-virus sent their prices sharply lower. He mentioned that he has dumped its entire interests in airlines business i.e. four largest US airlines, collectively has 80% of the revenue passenger miles […]

How to Maintain Optimism amongst Employees during the Time of Crisis?

May 7, 2020 936 Views 0 comment Print

Covid-19 has set a new trend of working from home and it’s not going to end anytime soon as it appears. Due to this, there is a challenge for the organisations in managing their most critical asset i.e. Human resources. A challenge which is not only limited to making sure that they remain motivated while […]

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