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What is Invoice Matching under GST

Matching, reversal and reclaim of input tax credit....

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Mandatory Filing of DIR-3 KYC for all Directors- 8 Key Points

On 10Th July 2018 it is made mandatory for the Directors to file ‘DIR-3 KYC’ notified vide Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Fourth Amendment Rules, 2018 dated 5th July 2018 would be made available shortly for filing purposes on MCA site....

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Key Features of New TDS / TCS Return Preparation / File Validation Utility

Key Features — Return Preparation Utility (RPU) version 2.3 ♥ A new column for ‘Deduction under Section 16 (ia)’ is added under Annexure II (i.e. Salary details) for Form 24Q-Q4 The above referred deduction is applicable for Regular and Correction statements for Form 24Q-Q4. Deduction under Section 16 (ia) will be applicab...

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Exposure Draft of Ind AS 19 Employee Benefits for comments

Following is the Exposure Draft of the Accounting Standard (AS) 19, Employee Benefits, issued by the Accounting Standards Board of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, for comments....

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Salary Package For Employees – Tax-Planning Measures

As is well-known, income-tax is deducted at source in respect of income from ‘Salaries’. As the income of salaried tax-payers is fixed, they are more susceptible to inflationary pressures. Therefore, there have been progressive attempts in the past, to grant relief to salaried tax-payers. In order to subserve the aforesaid objective, ...

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Tax planning – Its need and ways to do at different stages of life

Our main aim in tax planning is to pay minimum taxes by abiding with the legal statute and maximizing return on our investments by investing on the correct instruments at the correct time of our life. Tax Planning- Save tax through your family...

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Child worried about Education, Parents worried about its taxation

Krishna, as it is the time of schools and colleges reopening, admission of students are going on everywhere. All parents want that their children should be educated from the best school/college. But for the sake of good education, a lot of money is required. So is there any benefit available to the taxpayers in Income Tax Act for such ex...

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5 Investment Options: The Road to a Tax-Free Retirement

The investment options available in the market help you set aside a huge portion during your working years for your long-term needs. Further, these plans also offer tax benefits which make them an apt choice to invest in the present scenario when you are already looking for investment options to save tax. Here are some investment options ...

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