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Live Course on 360 degree Analysis of Input Tax Credit from a Litigation Perspective

July 14, 2024 1641 Views 0 comment Print

Join CA Sachin Jain for a live course on Input Tax Credit from a litigation perspective. Gain practical insights and master ITC complexities. Register now!

Assessee need not reside abroad permanently to be treated as non resident

August 1, 2012 2927 Views 0 comment Print

Test of residence will be determined on the basis of number of days of stay in India and not by the interpretation adopted by the lower authorities in this case. It has not been disputed by the revenue that the number of days of the stay of assessee in India are less than 182 days. In these facts and circumstances the assessee’s arguments on this issue deserve to be upheld.

In Scrutiny Assessment A.O cannot totally ignore information given in revised belated return

August 1, 2012 2140 Views 0 comment Print

The assessee-company initially filed u/s 139(1), a return supported by regular accounts, and showing substantial book profit and offering MAT. However thereafter its accounts came to be inspected by the Registrar of Companies who gave certain directions to modify its Annual Accounts. On the basis of those directions the assessee revised its profit and loss account and balance sheet which resulted in its income being negative. The corrected accounts were placed before the shareholders for their approval. Note no.7 of the Notes attached and forming part of the accounts was approved by the shareholders in the annual general meeting. The assessee however filed the revised return based on the revised accounts, showing a book loss, beyond the time limit prescribed in section 139(5).

Stay petition before CIT Appeal & recovery of disputed income-tax demand during pendency thereof

August 1, 2012 6047 Views 2 comments Print

It is a well-known fact that the Assessing Officers (AOs) in many cases make high-pitched assessments and raise huge uncalled for demands against the assessee, as a result thereof. It is also a well-known fact that after raising such uncalled for and unjustified high demands, the Revenue authorities take recourse to coercive measures for the recovery of such demands in a highly arbitrary and hasty manner. In such a situation,

MCA extends due date to file Form No. 5 INV to 31st August 2012

August 1, 2012 2231 Views 0 comment Print

(a) Any Company, which has filed multiple Form 5 INV while uploading the information for the year 2010-11 on or before the date of issue of this circular, should again file Form 5 INV (single) and upload the details of investors in excel template. This process should be completed by 31′ August, 2012. (b) All Companies, which have not yet filed Form No. 5 INV are allowed to file Form No. 5 INV along with details of investors in excel template upto 31′ August, 2012.

Service Tax – Recent Changes

August 1, 2012 42882 Views 0 comment Print

Reverse charge mechanism- Usually service provider is liable to pay service tax for the services provided except for the few services covered under reverse charge, under which service receiver is liable to pay service tax. This mechanism has not been altogether a new mechanism. This mechanism was prevalent in the earlier service tax law as well. However scope of this mechanism has been enlarged in a greater way.

e-filing of Return not compulsory for Agents of non-residents & Private discretionary trusts

August 1, 2012 730 Views 0 comment Print

(i) it will not be mandatory for agents of non-residents, within the meaning of section 160(1) (i) of the Income –tax Act, if his or its total income exceeds ten lakh rupees, to electronically furnish the return of income of non-residents for assessment year 2012-13; (ii) it will not be mandatory for ‘private discretionary trusts’, if its total income exceeds ten lakh rupees, to electronically furnish the return of income for assessment year 2012-13.

Claim for deduction, omitted in the return can be made before appellate authorities

August 1, 2012 10100 Views 0 comment Print

Very often the tax payer realises that he omitted to claim certain deductions, only long after he had filed the return. The circumstances would be such that the tax payer would not be even eligible to file a valid revised return.

S. 68 Once Assessee discharge initial burden of proving creditworthiness of parties onus shift on revenue to prove otherwise

August 1, 2012 10341 Views 0 comment Print

The provisions of section 68 should be read in conjunction with section 106 of the Evidence Act. In the peculiar facts and circumstances of the case, the assessee has discharged the initial burden of proving identity, genuineness of transactions and also creditworthiness of the three creditors by producing their respective bank accounts. Entry in the pass book of a third party can be taken as a primary evidence in proof of the fact that loan was advanced by third party. Thus, the initial onus shifts onto the revenue to prove that the creditors lack creditworthiness and to come to such conclusion, the assessee cannot be asked to produce any evidence which is within the personal knowledge of the third party. In the instant case, the Assessing Officer did not examine the parties and proceeded on the assumption that creditors would not have saved any money to advance the loan. In the circumstances of the case, the view taken by the Accountant Member is in accordance with law. In other words, it is not a fit case to make addition under section 68.

Govt Permits investments from Pakistan

August 1, 2012 877 Views 0 comment Print

Present Position – As per paragraph 3.1.1 of ‘Circular 1 of 2012 – Consolidated FDI Policy’, effective from 10-4-2012, investment from a citizen of Pakistan or an entity incorporated in Pakistan is not permitted. 2.0 Revised Position – The Government of India has reviewed the policy, as contained in paragraph 3.1.1 of the circular ibid and decided to permit a citizen of Pakistan or an entity incorporated in Pakistan to make investments in India, under the Government route, in sectors/activities other than defence, space and atomic energy.

Rate of exchange of conversion of each of the foreign currency wef 02.08.2012

August 1, 2012 1331 Views 0 comment Print

Notification No.67/2012-Customs (N.T.) Central Board of Excise and Customs hereby determines that the rate of exchange of conversion of each of the foreign currency specified in column (2) of each of Schedule I and Schedule II annexed hereto into Indian currency or vice versa shall, with effect from 2nd August, 2012 be the rate mentioned against it in the corresponding entry in column (3) thereof, for the purpose of the said section, relating to imported and export goods.

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