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Clarification on Intra-State E-way Bill limit of Rs. One lac in Maharashtra

Corrigendum to Trade Circular No. 36T of 2018 (19/12/2018)

It is hereby clarified that, there is no change in the monetary limit for the intra-State movement of the goods as provided under the Notification cited at Ref. (1) above. In other words, with effect from 1st July 2018, no e-way bill is required to be generated for the intra-State movement in the State of Maharashtra...

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Relief in Penalty for minor discrepancies in e-way bill in Maharashtra

Trade Circular No. 36T of 2018 (03/12/2018)

Various representations have been received regarding imposition of penalty in case of minor discrepancies in the details mentioned in the e-way bill although there are no major lapses in the invoices accompanying the goods in movement....

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No further physical verification of same conveyance in Maharashtra unless info of GST Tax Evasion

Trade Circular No. 35T of 2018, (03/12/2018)

It is clarified that only such goods and/or conveyances should be detained/confiscated in respect of which there is a violation of the provisions of the GST Acts or the rules made thereunder....

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Procedure to Change PT return periodicity for year 2018-19 in Maharashtra

Trade Circular No. 37 T of 2018 (03/12/2018)

Employer whose profession tax liability exceeds Rs. 50000/- in the previous year are required to file monthly returns. Remaining tax payers have to file yearly return. Newly registered tax payers in any year are also required to file monthly returns in that year. For subsequent year, their periodicity depends on the tax payment of the pre...

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Processing of final GST refund -Revised instructions for Audit initiation

Internal Circular No. 35A of 2018 (01/12/2018)

In case the Nodal Officer decides to undertake the Audit, then he/she shall issue a notice in FORM-GST-ADT-01. Depending upon the record to be verified he/she may decide whether the Audit is to be carried out at the business premises of the tax payer or at the office concerned. The place at which the Audit is to be carried out shall be ex...

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Processing of refund under the GST in Maharashtra

Trade Circular No. 33T of 2018 (14/11/2018)

Trade Circular 33T of 2018 explains Submission of invoices for processing of claims of GST refund, System validations in calculating GST refund amount,  Re-credit of electronic credit ledger in case of rejection of GST refund claim, Disbursal of GST refund amount after sanctioning by the proper officer, Status of GST refund claim after i...

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Clarification on Taxability of natural gas under MVAT

Trade Circular No. 32 T of 2018 (13/11/2018)

Sale of natural gas is liable to VAT @ 13.5% [Sch. Entry B-15]. However, with effect from 24th August 2017, natural gas sold to a manufacturer, certified by the Joint Commissioner of Sales Tax became liable to a lower rate of 3%, by virtue of a newly inserted schedule entry B-16 [Notfn. at reference 1], Benefit of this lower rate of 3% is...

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MVAT: e-CST module in MAHAGST portal modified to address issues

Trade Circular No. 31T of 2018 (31/10/2018)

The department has received representations from trade, stating difficulties in obtaining e-CST declarations/certiticates for period 2016-17 due to incorrect entries filed by dealer while filing annual returns u/s 20(4)(b) of MVAT Act, 2002.The present e-CST module in MAHAGST portal is modified to address above mentioned issue...

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e-filing facility to Maharashtra tax payers for smooth GST Compliance

Trade Circular No. 29T of 2018 (24/10/2018)

Maharashtra State GST Department has established dedicated helpdesks in all State GST offices in the state for assisting taxpayers in e-filing of various applications/forms, namely-1) Registration- Application for New Registration, Amendment and Cancellation. 2) Return - GST 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 4, GSTR 5, GSTR 6, GSTR 7. 3) Payment- GST 3B r...

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MVAT: Sales detail Submission through Online Ledger Confirmation Utility

Trade Circular No. 30T of 2018 (24/10/2018)

Your attention is invited towards the Trade Circular cited at Ref. (8) above. The said Circular mandated the buyer, under certain circumstances, to submit electronic evidence (Ledger confirmation) in support of his set-off claim. ...

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