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MVAT: Administrative Relief To Un-Registered Dealers- Dispenses return filing requirement

Trade Circular No. 10T of 2021 31/05/2021

Due to current system in place it is not possible to file the returns pertaining to such unregistered period till the registration is made effective for such period on system....

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MVAT: Clarification on periodicity of return filing & Late Fees

Trade Circular No. 09 T of 2021 31/05/2021

The annual return is prescribed for those dealers whose tax liability in the previous year does not exceed Rs. 25,000/, Financial Year 2019-20 was the first financial year for which this new annual periodicity of return filing is applicable. Accordingly, those dealers who were having tax liability below Rs. 25,000/-in the previous financi...

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MVAT: Discontinuance of Issuing Identification Certificate To Units Under Package Scheme of Incentive

Trade Circular No. 07 T of 2021 19/03/2021

Through Government Resolutions dated 20/12/2018, the Government prescribed the modalities procedure for sanction and disbursement of Industrial Promotional Subsidy (IPS) to all Eligible Units i.e. Mega/Ultra —Mega Projects & units other than Mega/Ultra-Mega Projects....

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Physical Submission of Audit Report in Form 704 for FY 2019-20

Trade Circular No. 05T of 2021 29/01/2021

The last date for electronic uploading of form e-704, for the financial year 2019-20, is 1st March, 2021 and the last date for submission of abovementioned physical documents is 12th March, 2021....

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e-Submission & e-Hearing in MVAT Assessment Proceedings

Trade Circular No. 12T of 2020 14/09/2020

MGSTD has made available the facility to carry e-Submission & e-Hearing in MVAT Assessment Proceedings electronically, wherein the officers as well as dealers would be able to carry out their part of the assessment process without personal attendance. ...

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MVAT: Guidelines for online e-submission & e-hearing in first appeals

Trade Circular No. 11T of 2020 29/07/2020

Office of the Commissioner of State Tax, Maharashtra State, 1st Floor, GST Bhavan, Mazgaon, Mumbai-10. TRADE CIRCULAR To, ____________ ___________ ____________ No. ACST(VAT-3)/App/E-submi. & Hearing/Bal Mumbai. Date. 29/07/20. Trade Circular 11T of 2020. Sub. Guidelines for online e-submission and e-hearing in first appeals‑reg. Ref...

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MVAT: Refund of Voluntary Registration Security Deposit

Trade  Circular No. 10T of 2020 29/07/2020

It was requested by the Trade and Associations that time limit provided for submission of application for refund of security deposit of Rs. 25,000/- be extended....

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Corrigendum to MVAT Trade Circular 09T of 2020 Dt 26.05.2020

Corrigendum to Trade Circular No. 9T of 2020 02/06/2020

Office of the Commissioner of State Tax Maharashtra State, 8th Floor, GST Bhavan, Mazgaon, Mumbai-400 010. CORRIGENDUM No. JC (HQ)-1/GST/2020/Appeal/ADM-8 dated 2nd June 2020. Corrigendum to Trade Circular No. 9T of 2020. To, Subject: Corrigendum to Trade Circular 09T of 2020 Dt 26th May 2020. Ref: (1) This office Trade Circular 09T of 20...

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Clarification in respect of appeal in regard to non-constitution of Appellate Tribunal

Trade Circular No. 09T of 2020 26/05/2020

Various representations have been received wherein the issue has been decided against the registered person by the adjudicating authority or refund application has been rejected by the appropriate authority and appeal against the said order is pending before the appellate authority....

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MVAT: Guidelines for condonation of appeal, acceptance of form 314 & rectification of assessment order

Trade Circular No. 08T of 2020. 25/05/2020

Guidelines for delay condonation in appeal, acceptance of form 314 and rectification of assessment order by the nodal officer under the MVAT Act 2002 vide Trade Circular No. 08 T of 2020 dated 25/05/2020. Office of the Commissioner of State Tax, 1st floor, GST Bhavan, Mazgaon, Mumbai – 400 010. TRADE CIRCULAR No. VAT/AMD-2020/1A/Adm-8 T...

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