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MVAT: Physical Submission of Audit Report in Form 704 for FY 2013­-2014

Trade Circular No. 21 T of 2014 (20/12/2014)

1) Government Notification No.VAT/AMD -1009/1B/Adm-6 dated 26.08.2009. 2) Trade Circular No 27T of 2009 dated 1st October 2009. 3) Trade Circular No 16T of 2011 dated 11th November, 2011 4) Government Notification No: VAT-1512/CR- 139/Taxation-1 dated 21st November 2012...

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CST return mandatory for interstate sales, branch transfer, export/import from 01.10.2014

Trade Circular No. 20 T 2014 (25/11/2014)

The exemption granted in respect of filing of the returns under the CST Act was posing difficulties in generating the lists of returns defaulters under the CST Act in the automation system i.e. Mahavikas....

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Amendments to various Acts administered by Sales Tax Department

Trade Circular No. 15 T of 2014 (06/08/2014)

The amended provision has been informed to Sugar Commissioner. If the Sugar Commissioner informs to Commissioner of Sales Tax that a sugar factory has not paid fair and remunerative price to the farmers, then the exemption availed/granted shall stand withdrawn....

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MVAT – Computerized Desk Audit (CDA)

Trade Circular No. 14 T of 2014 (06/08/2014)

The department has selected the cases for comprehensive assessment for the year 2011/12. The facility of CDA will not be available to these assesses. Assesses, in these cases, will be required to attend before the assessing authority for the complete verification of their books of accounts....

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MVAT – Late Payment fees for VAT return up to February 2014 reduced to Rs. 1000

Trade Circular No. 13 T of 2014 (02/08/2014)

It may be noted that a rigorous drive has been planned after 30thSeptember 2014 against the return defaulters. Hence all the defaulting dealers are requested to file all the pending returns and pay the applicable tax and interest at the earliest and take benefit of this exemption....

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FAQs on computation of VAT liability of developers after SC judgment in case of L&T Ltd.

Trade Circular No. 12 T of 2014 (17/04/2014)

The stages mentioned and percentage deduction provided for various stages of construction are based upon the recommendations of the Public Works Department of Government of Maharashtra....

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‘Stainless steel wire’ is not declared goods under MVAT Provisions

Trade Circular No. 11 T of 2014 (04/04/2014)

The matter is referred to Government for guidance as to whether the Supreme Court judgement be enforced for transactions effected prior to the date of the Supreme Court judgement i.e 26.4.2011....

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MVAT – Due dated extended for Audit Report in form 704 for 2012-13 by developers to 10th May 2014

Trade Circular No 10 T of 2014 (29/03/2014)

It is represented by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India that in view of the later Trade Circular No. 7T of 2014 , developers are allowed to file revise returns till 30th April 2014. Audit Report cannot be finalized till the time the return are filed. It is, therefore, requested to extend the date for filing of Audit Report per...

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MVAT – Dealers to file Annexures J1 and J2 before submitting Return for the period starting from 01-04-2014

Trade Circular No. 9 Tof 2014 (25/03/2014)

This circular is being issued to facilitate dealers to make necessary changes in their systems so as to accustom them to file annexures and returns by the due dates she filing of annexures of sales and purchases has been proposed to be made mandatory soon....

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Exemption from Late Fee u/s 20(6) of the MVAT Act

Circular No. 8 T of 2014. (11/03/2014)

A Dealer had applied for registration on 27th December 2013 under Voluntary Registration Scheme and was granted registration on 15th February 2014. This dealer is required to file quarterly return for the QE 31St December 2013 on or before 21st January 2014....

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