Dated: March 20, 2015



All Chief Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax
All Directors General of Directorates under CBEC


Subject: Setting up of a Directorate of Taxpayer Services Suggestions-Reg.

The Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) is celebrating the Year 2015 as the Year of Taxpayer Services in recognition of the need to have ‘customer focus’ in our day-to-day functioning. The Tax Administration Reforms Commission (TARC) has devoted a full Chapter to ‘Customer Focus’ in its first Report.

2. In pursuance of the recommendations of TARC, the CBEC has decided to set up a Directorate of Taxpayer Services. For this purpose, a Committee has been set up to work out the modalities including the mandate, organizational structure and the responsibilities of the new Directorate.

3. Your suggestions in this regard would be most helpful, considering that a large number of Taxpayers and other stakeholders are your valued partners. As the report of the Committee is to be submitted within a limited time frame, it is requested that your suggestions may be sent to Shri Yogendra Garg. Commissioner DPPR & Member Secretary of the Committee, latest by 31st March 2015 (Tel: 011-23379331 Fax: 011-23370744 Email: & ) with a copy to me (Email: ).

(P K Mohanty)
Director General


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  1. CMA Utpal K Saha says:

    This is indeed a very good initiative and idea. This type of idea should be implemented to the state taxation.
    CMA Utpal K Saha

  2. nagaraj says:

    24-03-2015 Bangalore

    My suggestion: Create a provision under Income Tax Act 1961 for the
    negligence shown by the tax deductor which cause loss to the tax payee.
    The responsible Committee should a provision similar to section 2102 of Indian Contract Act for the negligence shown by the tax deductor. Tax deductors are primarily loyal to
    income tax department but they are deliberately negligent to the tax payer. The rerason
    is the tax deducted and paid to the country’s exchequer is not tax deductor’s.

    Following are the cases:-

    1) Excess tax deduction (2) Unwarranted tax deduction (3) Failure to
    distinguish between ‘income’ ‘income in the hands of the assessee’.
    In case of No.3 many banks as tax deductors and even assessing officers fail to
    differentiate this concept. They mechanically and deliberately deductor tax
    thereby causing loss or hardship to the tax payer.

    I demand proper response and pro-active intiative by the officials seeking or inviting suggestions from the tax payers.

    Details will be given if they are really interested. Let me see whether they
    respond to my suggestion. I don’t want silence. Let their response be in writing.
    Let every tax payer know this.

    With regards, – Nagaraj T V 9844200688 ABTPN.5713.D

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