According to Section 66C of Finance Act,2012

  1. The Central  Government may, having regard to the nature & description of  various services, by rules made in this regard, determine the place where such services are provided or agreed to be provided.
  2. Any rule under subsection (1) shall not be invalid merely on the ground that either the service provider or the service receiver or both are located at a place being outside the taxable territory.

Location of Place of Provision of Service Rules,2012 (POPOS Rules) in roadmap:





  • Specify the manner  to determine taxing jurisdiction for a service i.e. the place where a service shall be deemed to be provided.
  • POPOS  Rules  has  replaced  Export of Services Rules,2005 & Taxation of Services (Provided from outside India & received in India) Rules,2006.


  • Person who deals in cross border services & Person who have operations with suppliers or customers in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Service provider operating within India from multiple location , without having centralized registration
  • Determines whether services are wholly consumed within SEZ, to avail the outright exemption





Rule 3 General rule for place of provision Location of the recipient of service IPR  Service


If not available then location of service provider Telecommunication services, Fax service
Rule 4 Performance based services for goods and physical presence of individual Location where the services are actually performed Repair Maintenance service, Dry Cleaning Service, Courier Service, Storage & Warehousing, Cosmetic Surgery, Personal Security Service, Health & Fitness etc.
Rule 5 Service relating to immovable property Place where immovable property is located or intended to be located Construction Service, Real Estate Agent Service, Interior Decorator Service, Renting of Immovable Property etc.
Rule 6 Service relating to events Where the event is actually held Exhibition Services, Event Organisation Services
Rule 7 Service providing at more than one location Location the taxable territory where  greatest proportion of the service is provided Architect service, Event management
Rule 8 Provider and receiver are located in the taxable territory Location of the recipient of the service ———-
Rule 9 Specified services: Location of the service provider  

Lending, Depositing, Locker service

1. Banking Co./Financial       Institution
2. Online Information & Data Base Access Online magazines, journals, legal content
3. Intermediary Services Travel Agent, Tour Operator Service
4. Hiring motor vehicles upto 1 month Hiring fleet of cars by Co. for 25 days
Rule 10 Goods transport services otherwise than by way of mail or courier Place of destination of the goods ———-
Goods transport agency Location of person liable to pay tax
Rule 11 Passenger transportation services Place where the passenger embarks on the conveyance for a continuous journey ———-
Rule 12 Service provided on board a conveyance during the course of passenger transport operation Starting point of that conveyance for the journey ———-

Rule 14 :   Later is Better

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