CBEC has notified 8 new taxable Services w.e.f. 1.7.2010 vide Notification No.24/2010-Service Tax dated 22.6.2010.

The following are the new taxable Services introduced w.e.f. from 1.7.2010.

1. Games of chance   (zzzzn)

2  Health services      (zzzzo)

3  Maintenance of medical records  (zzzzp)

4  Promotion of a ‘brand’ of goods, services, events, business entity etc.   (zzzzq)

5  Commercial use or exploitation of any event organized by a person or organization   (zzzzr)

6  Electricity Exchange Service   (zzzzs)

7  Copyrights on Cinematographic films and sound recording   (zzzzt)

8  Providing of preferential location or external / internal development of complexes  (zzzzu)

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