Ref : SE/10454
September 10, 1991


The Presidents/Executive Directors
of all recognised Stock Exchanges in India

Dear Sir,

Review of the working of Stock Exchanges.

Please refer to directive F. No. 4/16/SE/91 dated August 19, 1991 issued by the Stock Exchange Division, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, advising all the Stock Exchanges to take certain measures in the interest of long-term growth of Stock market and for ensuring investor protection and send report on the implementation of the decisions conveyed therein to SEBI. We have been entrusted to monitor implementation of these measures and furnish periodical reports to the Government. In this connection, you are requested to please arrange to send reports on implementation of each of the decisions to SEBI on 1st October, 1st November and 1st December 1991 to enable us to send periodical progress reports to the Government.

Yours faithfully,


(A. L. Bhatia)

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