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SEBI/MRD/DEP/Cir-18 /2004

April 15, 2004

The Executive Directors/Managing Director/

Administrators of all Stock Exchanges

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Establishment of connectivity with both NSDL and CDSL- Shifting from Trade for Trade Segment (TFTS) to Normal Rolling Segment (NRS) 

It is observed from the information provided by the depositories that the companies as per Annexure ‘A’ have established connectivity with both the depositories on or before 31.12.2003 and still continue in TFTS.

The Stock Exchanges may shift these companies from TFTS to NRS provided there are no other specific grounds for continuation of the trading in these scrips in TFTS.

The Stock Exchanges are advised to report to SEBI, the action taken in this regard in Section II, item no. 13 of the Monthly Development Report for the month of April 2004.

Yours faithfully,


Encl: as above

 Annexure A 



 Name of the Company  ISIN NO.
1 Excel Crop Care Limited (Formerly West Coast Oxygen Limited) INE223G01017
2 Gowra Leasing & Finance Limited INE225G01012
3 Jindal Stainless Limited (Formerly Jindal Int.Com Limited) INE220G01013
4 Kamanwala Industries Limited (Formerly Kamanwala Housing Development Finance Compan y Limited) INE344D01018
5 Northgate BPO Services Limited (Formerly Sigma Compusoft Technologies Limited) INE217G01019
6 Nutraplus Products (India) Limited INE230G01012
7 Orbit Exports Limited INE231G01010
8 Siro Plast Limited INE219G01015
9 Sujana Universal Industries Limited (Formerly Sujana Industries Limited) (Formerly Sujana Domestic Appliances Limited) INE216G01011
10 Vijay Textiles Limited INE256G01017
11 Assam Entrade Ltd. INE165G01010
12 Bhagwati Autocast Limited INE106G01014
13 EL Forge Limited (Formerly Ellore Engineering Company Limited (Formerly The Ellore Electric Supply Corporation Limited)) INE158F01017
14 K Dhandapani and Company Limited (Formerly K Dhandapani and Company Private Limited) INE386F01014
15 Maanya Biotech Limited INE159G01013
16 Scooters India Limited INE959E01011
17 Shree Rajasthan Texchem Limited INE578F01016
18 Tirupati Foam Limited INE115G01015
19 STI Products India Limited (Formerly Steel Pipes of India Limited) INE205G01014
20 Jagajit Industries Ltd. INE574A01016
21 Trio Mercantile & Trading Ltd. INE234G01014
22 NESCO Ltd. INE317F01027

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