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Listed Companies to Submit Revised Corporate Governance Report from Quarter Ending  on  31st December 2014 and Onwards.

The Bombay Stock Exchange has started issuing Notices to the Listed Companies who submitted Corporate Governance Report for the Quarter ended December, 2014 in old format. Submission of Report in old format considered as non compliance. Please refer the provisions of SEBI circular No.:  CIR/MRD/DSA/31/2013, dated September 30, 2013 and Exchange Notice No. 20140117-20 dated January 17, 2014 regarding penalties to be levied for non-compliances / late submission w.r.t. critical clauses of the Listing Agreement. Accordingly those Companies, who have submitted the same in old format, are advised to immediately submit the revised corporate Governance report for Dec, 2014 along with the covering letter stating revise submission.

The issuer can send the same through :

1)      Upload through the BSE online portal at

(To avail login & password kindly email to and call on 022-61363155)

2)      Send to the Designated Email

3)      Sent to the Designated Fax No. 022-2272 3121

Followed by hard copy to the Exchange

Download Format of Corporate Governance Report (CGR) in word format

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