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Reserve Bank of India


March 31, 2020

All Scheduled Commercial Banks,
Small Finance Banks,

Payment Banks and Local Area Banks,
All India Financial Institutions,
All Non-Banking Finance Companies and
Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks

Madam / Dear Sir,

Extension of timelines for submission of various supervisory returns received by Department of Supervision

In view of the various measures taken by the Government of India and various State Governments to prevent and contain spread of Coronavirus, Supervised Entities (SEs) may face difficulty in timely submission of various regulatory and supervisory returns to Department of Supervision (DoS). Therefore, the timelines for submission of the returns to DoS is being extended as per the following table.

Periodicity Current timeline Proposed timeline Extension by
Weekly 5 days 12 days 1 week
Fortnightly 7 days 14 days 1 week
Monthly 15 days 30 days 15 days
Quarterly and above 21 days 45 days 24 days
LFAR by Statutory Auditors to banks June 2020 June 2020 One Month
Fortnightly 7 days 14 days 1 week
Monthly 30 days 45 days 15 days
Quarterly and above 30 days 60 days 30 days
Monthly 10 days 20 days 10 days
Quarterly and above 15 days 45 days 30 days

2. This extension will be effective for the submissions till near normalcy is restored in terms of staff attendance or returns which will become due for submission up to June 30, 2020, whichever is earlier. Reporting entities capable of submitting the returns earlier on best effort basis may continue to do so.

3. The above extension will not be applicable to returns which are to be reported as-andwhen basis e.g. RFA/Fraud Return, Cyber Security incidents and such others. With respect to the submission of the audited returns, there is no change in the deadline.

4. On the issue of statutory audit of annual accounts, all listed banks shall follow the instructions issued by Securities and Exchange Board of India.

5. Further, all communication or requests to the Department of Supervision should be done through corporate email without involving physical movement of papers. This may be conveyed to all the officials dealing with RBI. This arrangement will continue until further review. Hard Copies of returns / certificates which are mandatorily to be submitted may be submitted once normalcy in operations returns.

6. Please acknowledge the receipt.

Yours faithfully,

(R. Ravikumar)
Chief General Manager

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