RPCD.CO. LBS. BC.No. 60/02.01.01/2011-12

February 17, 2012

The Chairmen/Managing Directors
(All Lead Banks)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Lead Bank Scheme – Participation of Public Representatives like MPs/MLAs/Zilla Panchayat Chiefs in District Level Review Committees (DLRC)

Kindly refer to circular letter RPCD.CO.LBS.BC.No. 6855/02.01.01/2006-07 dated January 22, 2007 wherein Lead banks were requested to ensure the presence of MPs/MLAs in DLRC meetings as far as possible. Reference is also invited to circular RPCD.LBS.BC.85/02.01.01/2000-01 dated May 9, 2001 wherein the Lead banks were advised to adhere to instructions on participation of Members of Parliament and Public Representatives while convening the DLRC meeting.

2.  During the visit of the House Committee of Lok Sabha, it was brought to the Committee’s notice that Lead banks were not arranging the DLRC meetings in consultation with MPs. In this regard, we reiterate the extant instructions that Lead banks should fix the date of DLRC meetings with due regard to the convenience of the representatives of the public i.e. MPs/MLAs and invite and involve them in all functions conducted by the banks in the districts, such as opening of new branches, distribution of Kisan Credit cards, SHG credit linkage programmes etc. Further, responses to queries from public representatives need to be accorded highest priority and attended to promptly.

3.   A list of circulars issued in this regard is given in the Annex.

Yours faithfully,

(Dr. Deepali Pant Joshi)
Chief General Manager-in-Charge

Encl: Annex


Sr. No

Circular No. and Date



RPCD.No.LBS.BC.102/LBS.34/88-89 dated April 13, 1989

MPs and MLAs should be invited to DLRC meetings conducted by lead banks in future.


02.01.01/2000-01 dated November 3, 2000

To convene DLRC meetings at least once in a quarter and invite MPs/ MLAs and Zilla Panchayat Chiefs to participate in the same.


02.01.01/2000-01 dated December 19, 2000

Convening of District Level Review Committee meetings on quarterly basis.


02.01.01/2000-01 dated December 23, 2000

Monitoring the convening of District Level Review Committee meetings on quarterly basis  including monitoring attendance of public representatives at these meetings.


RPCD.LBS.BC.85/02.01.01 /200-01 dated May 9, 2001

The dates of the DLRC meetings should be fixed with due regard to the MPs convenience, avoid holding these meetings during Parliament session as MPs  are away  from their districts at that time and if necessary such meetings  could be held on Saturdays which are off days for the Parliament.

02.01.01/2001-02 dated June 14, 2002

Involve MPs in DLRC meetings and also at the time of opening of new branches/ distribution of Kisan Credit Cards and to reply to MPs promptly.

RPCD.CO.LBS.BC.5/02.01.01/2001-05  dated July 16, 2004

As MPs/MLAs have intimate knowledge of the area and are closely involved in the developmental process, they should be invited  for DLRC meetings with a view to get a feedback  on the effectiveness of the development plans under the lead bank scheme and other related matters.


02.01.01/2005-06 dated July 6, 2005

Lead banks to ensure the presence of MPs/MLAs in DLRC meetings as far as possible.  Further, MPs/Public Representatives should invariably be invited to grace the occasion relating to the Self Help Groups (SHG) credit linkage programmes.


RPCD.CO.LBS.BC.No.6855/02.01.01/2006-07 dated January 22, 2007

Lead banks to ensure the presence of MPs/MLAs in DLRC meetings as far as possible

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