CBDT extends date only in Punjab, Haryana, UT of Chandigarh and Gujarat

28.09.2015- Case adjourned to 05th October 2015  as in the opinion of Hon’ble High Court the issue was not so important and other important matters were lined up for hearing. Now case will be heard for admission on 05.10.2015.

V. Nagendra Prasad, Hyd & Another Vs Secretary, Ministry Of Finance, New Delhi & 2 Others (Hyderabad High Court), WP 30289/2015, Date of Filing 15.09.2015

This Writ is been filed by V. Nagendra Prasad an advocate and Tax Consultant from Hyderabad in Hyderabad High Court against the adamant attitude of CBDT and Finance Ministry in not extending the due of of Income Tax Return and Tax Audit cases , which is also been communicated vide its Press Release Dated 09th September 2015.

Case is Scheduled for Hearing on Monday, 28th September 2015.

Main Prayer – To issue an appropriate writ, order or direction holding that the impugned communication of the Union of India and the Chairman Central Board for Direct Taxes -respondents 1 & 2 herein dated 09-09-2015 rejecting extension of time beyond 30-09-2015 to the assessees of tax audit cases as illegal, arbitrary, unfair, unjust, improper and violative of articles 14 and 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India and consequently direct the respondents to extend the time for filing of return in the changed format for assessment year 2015-16 from 01-10-2015 to 31-12-2015 due to delay in notifying the changed format of returns and grant such other relief or reliefs as are deemed fit and proper under the circumstances of the case.

We will update this page with further development in this case so keep checking this page for update on What Hyderabad High Court Decides on the issue.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Inspite of various cases filed all over India,None of the Social Media, Paper Media TV media are bothered to cover the new about Tax Audit Date Extension.The so called APEX TAX Body, Ministry for Finance & FM himself being a Law Professional all the aforementi
    oned are Deaf and Dumb.There only Objective is to Burden on Professionals Shoulders & Get Only TAXES. WHAT ARE OUR SO CALLED HONEST BU

  2. GRA says:

    No government and No governance in New Delhi , Only self centred Egoistic , unprofessional Bureaucrats are ruling the roost , The Government Of India is busy planning for Mr. Modi’s next foreign sojourn ! They need money for his next foreign tour that is the reason they are in hurry to collect the Tax disregarding the request of genuine Tax payers ! People of India made a big mistake by selecting this BJP government. Compared to this BJP government, people of India feel Mogul Emperor Aurangazeep would have been a better King !!! GOD alone can save this Nation from BJP

  3. bobjee kurien says:

    Mr P R Rao the CCIT of AP had an opportunity to visit USA on a study tour . Five year plans are the foundations on which Indian plan for development is based . He asked them don’t you have any five year plans in place. They were a little surprised of being asked of a five year plan. Looking at their surprised faces he asked how do you plan for the development of USA India has a five year plan. They said we don’t have any five year plans What we are planning is a plan for what USA should be 100 years from now .he was floored . in a country were we plan for tomorrow USA plans it 100 years in advance . No wonder we are in a mess even to schedule a date for filing of returns of income for which they need to approach the court for relief A really sorry state of affairs

  4. Bobjee kurien says:

    Years back Mr P R Rao CCIT had the opperotunity to visit USA He asked the administrator’s of they had any 5 year plans for the development of the country.he was told that they do not have any such plans.He was taken aback by the response.A big country like USA does not have any plans.He wasthen told well we in America plan 100 years ahead We are looking at what America should be 100 years from now.He was floored.The Indian administrators plan for tomorrow .so it is natural that thing like this will surely follow.are they not aware that the time schedule are put in place after a great deal of thought.Why is it that they cannot stick to the schedule?


    Dear Sir / Madam

    Since the date u/s 139 (1) has been extended for Non – Audited Assessee. It would be unjustified not to extend the date for Audited Assessee. Audited Assessee pay more tax and have to work more for preparing their accounts and get audit their accounts.

  6. BHARAT PATEL says:


  7. Pramod Garg says:

    Be hopeful,date will be extended.If the courts do not want to extend the date,they would have rejected the WP,why they shall keep pending for the last day.Govt. want to collect revenue as much as possible till the last date.

  8. dcsinghvi says:

    The BJP Government at Central must take the matter of extension of date of audit seriously. They must realise that those who voted them to power can throw the Government also.

  9. HARIOM SHARMA says:

    Honorable Sirs,

    I wish to suggest not to extend due date for Filing ITRs, but some kind of notification can be issued by Government to declare that ITRs filed by 29.11.2015 for a.y. 2015-16 shall not attract any penalty / disallowance due to filing of ITRs beyond its due date; this shall be applicable for all ITRs for which due date was prior to 29.11.2015.

    The object of Government is to collect Tax and not to harass citizens in such a view it should be done there is no cost to Government to extend dates.

  10. Grape says:

    are these departments are deaf & dumb as so many petitions were filed but still they are not giving the final outcome as its really panic situation for every taxpayer. its a shameful that on one hand fm is talking about the tax reforms & on the other hand they are putting in trouble to comply with the said due date.this gives bad signals among the community.

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