Office of the
Director General Of Income
Tax (Investigation),
7th Floor, Aayakar Sadan,
Bodhi Towers, Salisbury
Park, Pune 411037.

F. No. PN/DGIT/Transfer&Posting/2020-21/152

Date : 04/08/2020

ORDER NO. 03/301(2) of 2019-20

Consequent upon CBDT’s office order No. 133 of 2020 dated 29.07.2020, the following transfers & postings of Deputy/Assistant Commissioners/Directors of Income-tax are hereby ordered with immediate effect and until further orders:-

Sr. No Name/Civil List no. Civil Code From Posted as To Under the charge of Station
1 Kiran Shinde 16083 UOP ADIT ADIT (Inv.) (HQ) to DGIT (Inv.), Pune Pune
2 Sourabh Agrawal 11041 UOP DDIT DDIT (Inv.) (HQ) to PDIT (Inv.), Pune Pune
3 Swapnil Savant 13007 UOP DDIT DDIT (Inv.), Unit I(1), Pune Pune
4 Neha Deshpande 13014 UOP DDIT DDIT (Inv.) Unit I(2), Pune Pune
5 Dhiraj Kumar 13081 UOP DDIT DDIT (Inv.) Unit II(3), Pune Pune
6 Prashant Gandhale 15116 DCIT, CC- 1(2), Pune DDIT DDIT (Inv.) Unit II(4), Pune Pune
7 Yogendra Wakare 13059 UOP DDIT DDIT (Inv.), Kalyan Kalyan
8 Ranjit Sah 165GY UOP ACIT ACIT (BPU), Pune Pune
9 Abhijeet Chaudhary 11020 UOP DCIT DCIT, CC-1(2), Pune Pune
10 Suresh Gaikwad 13618 DDIT(Inv.) (HQ) to PDIT(Inv.), Pune DCIT DCIT, CC-2(1), Pune Pune
11 S. K. Agal 13517 DCIT, (BPU), Pune DCIT DCIT, CC-2(2), Pune Pune
12 Swapnil Patil 11062 UOP DCIT DCIT, CC-2(3), Pune Pune
13 D. S. Gururaj 13599 UOP DCIT DCIT, CC, Kolhapur Kolhapur
14 Bharath R. 16151 UOP DCIT DCIT, CC-3, Thane Thane
15 S. G. Moon 14616 UOP ADIT ADIT (Inv.) (HQ) to PDIT(Inv.), Nagpur Nagpur
16 Nitin Warghat 175BU UOP ACIT ACIT (BPU), Nagpur Nagpur
17 Arvind Renge 15088 UOP DDIT DDIT (Inv), Unit 3, Nagpur Nagpur
18 Sachin Phuse 170DW UOP DCIT DCIT, CC-(2) Nashik Nashik
19 Ravindra Chavan 155GL UOP DCIT DCIT, CC-2, Aurangabad Aurangabad

02. The officers posted as above and under DGIT, shall hold additional charge/s as listed below in addition to the substantive charge in which they are posted:

S. No. Name of the Officer Civil Code Substantial Charge Additional Charge
1 Amit Khatavkar 15110 DDIT (Inv), III(2), Kolhapur DDIT (Inv), Solapur
2 Bharath R. 16151 DCIT, CC-3, Thane DCIT, CC-4, Th. e
3 S. G. Moon 14616 ADIT (Inv.)(HQ) to PDIT(Inv.), Nagpur ADIT (Inv), Unit 1, Nagpur
4 Nitin Warghat 175BU ACIT (BPU), Nagpur DDIT (Inv.), Unit-­2, Nagpur

03. The above mentioned officers are required to be relieved and posted a the instructions contained in the order of CBDT dated 29/07/2020. Leave, if any can be applied for, only after joining the new post.

04. Hindi version follows.

(R.K. Paliwal)
Director General of Income Tax (Inv),

Copy to :

1. The Member(Investigation), CBDT, North Block, New Delhi-110001.

2. The Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Pune

3. The Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Nagpur.

4. The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Pune/Thane/Nashik.

5. The Pr. Director of Income Tax (Inv.), Pune/Nagpur.

6. The Pr. Commissioner of Income Tax (Central), Pune/Nagpur.

7. The Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals)- 11/12, Pune.

8. The Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals)- 3, Nagpur.

9. The ZAO, CBDT, Pune/Thane/Nashik.

10. The Officers concerned.

(Mrunmay Ramteke)
Dy. Director of Income Tax (Inv)(HQ)
For the Director General of Income Tax (Inv), Pune

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