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F. No. HRD/CM/104/7/2013-14 /5006 Dated: 18,02.2014


All the Chief Commissioners of Income-Tax (CCA),

Subject : Transfer of Non-Gazetted Staff from one charge to another under Central Board of Direct Taxes –Relaxation of conditions-reg

Sir / Madam,

I am directed to refer to the CBDT’s Circular F No A-22020/76/89-Ad VII dated 14.05.1990 laying down the conditions for inter-charge transfer of non-gazetted staff of CBDT and subsequent circulars / letters issued by the CBDT in this regard, namely, letter F No A-22020/34/2009-Ad VII dated 03.12.2009, F No HRD/CM/104/1/2010-11/1124 dated 31.12.2010 and F No HRD/CM /104/1 /2012-13/304 dated 10.05.2012 to allow relaxation of Condition No 2(c) of the Board’s Circular dated 14.05.1990, namely, the requirement of having to put in a minimum three years service in a grade before being eligible for seeking inter-charge transfer in certain category of cases.

2. I am further directed to covey that the Competent Authority has decided to extend the period of relaxation of Condition No 2(c) of the Board’s Circular dated 14.05.1990 w.e.f the date of issue of this letter till 31.12.2014 in the following category of cases:

(i) Unmarried lady officials posted outside their home state / CCA region;

(ii) Officials whose spouses are employed in the Government in a State / CCA Region other than the State / CCA Region to which the official has been posted;

(iii) Officials recruited into the Government in the physically handicapped quota, but have been posted to a place other than State / CCA region of his / her domicile / residence.

Yours faithfully,


Deputy Director of income Tax (HRD)

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26 responses to “Transfer of Non-Gazetted Staff from one charge to another under Central Board of Direct Taxes –Relaxation of conditions-reg”

  1. smart says:

    Earlier I have given ict application for Rajasthan after 2 years of service but now I want to change it to Delhi after 3 years. Can it be done. What r the processes.

  2. roshan kumar says:

    i joined as an mts in income tax department. now after 7 years i got promoted to senior tax assistant. if i would be transferred to my home town in intercharge transfer then can i go there as a TAX ASSISTANT or will i be there as an mts. please clarify. Does one go to home town in intercharge transfer in the cadre of joining or something else. what does dopt circular says about this.

  3. I want to know. Please tell me.
    My noc came from Delhi and I have submitted noc and undertaking. My appointment letter is about to come. Can I cancel my appointment letter. Or I have to join in Delhi.
    Please tell me.

  4. D CHANDRAN says:

    I have an UNANSWERED question.
    Do all those who have opted Inter Charge transfer after the stipulated time 1/3/5 years at present charge, got any satisfactory reply from cadre controlling authority, that WHY HE/SHE HAS NOT BEEN GIVEN TRANSFER?
    Has the application is forwarded, at least to the preferred place of posting, to verify vacancies?
    Or the application got place in DUST BIN / WEED-OUT?
    Nothing is transparent.
    And Govt servant become unbecoming of Govt servant if file grievance as per rules populated time to time, after the Circular comes inviting application?

  5. ram gopal nirala says:

    Kindly provide me cbdt Circular F No A-22020/76/89-Ad VII dated 14.05.1990 related to inter charge transfer.

  6. sanjeev says:

    now i am income tax inspector. i joined service as tax assistant in the income tax department. now i want intercharge transfer on the ground of spouse working in my home state. can i get intercharge transfer in my home state. will i get transfer against direct recuritment seat or promotion seat. please suggest.

  7. s k agarwal, 9810137032 says:

    what is the minimum period of service to be completed for inter charge transfer of unmarried lady to home state

  8. Rao Shab says:

    Jyoti mam kitna tym lg jata hai trnasfer me …. or kya iske liye minimum service ka criteria hai kya complete krne ka..m

  9. Dhirendra Kr Verma says:

    Jyoti ma’am.. kitna time lag jata hai transfer me.. for an unmarried girl.. means is there any time period for applying for transfer.

  10. ajit says:

    its been almost 4 years in Pune charge… now I am seeking Inter charge transfer in my Home town allahabad… anybody can tell me what is the procedure of inter charge transfer.. and there is any circular from the CBDT reg. after completing 3 yrs service for inter charge transfer.

  11. Rajan says:

    Is there any time limit for release by the parent charge, when the n.o.c is received from the receipant charge and whether the parent charge can cancelled the n.o.c after obtaining n.o.c from receipant charge.

    Is there any current order to held up the inter charge transfer.

  12. Jairam Meena says:

    all terms & conditions are ageed for me

  13. Jairam Meena says:

    Sir, i am working as a Stenographer in Income tax, i am a only son of father &mother his age are 75years olded. plz helped me for may be halped on his age. he need my help in his age.

  14. jitender singh thapliyal says:

    SIr/Mam I am working as a TA in NWR region since 26.02.2013. I will have completed 3 years on 26.02.2016 after that am i eligible for inter-region transfer ? kindly suggest.

  15. Sanjay kumar singh says:

    Sir, I am fighting for my sister’s justice in the Hon’ble Court Patna on without pay for the last one year. I have written a letter from pillar to post about sister’s case. Hon’ble court of First Class Judicial Magistrate had delivered one sided order in a closed room without intimating to my lawyer or the informant in this case. I have raised corruption charges on the Hon’ble Court of First Class Judicial Magistrate Shri Satya Priya Anand.
    Hon’ble Chief Justice High Court, Patna has taken cognizance of the matter seriously and due to this Bar Council of Bihar had boycotted the work on 15th & 16th July in favour of Corruption/Judge/Lawyer. Almost all the news papers have published this article on 16th of July, 2015.
    One side Bar Council has boycotted the work on 15th & 16th July, 2015 in favour of corruption/judge/lawyer and the other side my respected department did not provide me any information for the welfare of employee. which type of justice it is.
    I had also written a letter to the Hon’ble President of India regarding willingness of death seeing corruption in the Civil Court, Patna. I was going to sacrifice my life on 15th of Aug. 2015 but I have cancelled this decision after talking to the Hon’ble Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Patna and the Joint Commissioner, Vidhi Vibhag, Govt. of Bihar.
    Am I not entitled to get transfer on humanitarian ground.

  16. jyoti says:

    sir, i have already taken intercharge on unmarried official ground, is there any chance to get another intercharge transfer on spouse ground. my spouse is also in income tax dept but he is ready to give in written for staying in one state for the period of service. kindly ans, it’s imp for me.

  17. prince says:

    I want to know after getting the NOC from destination CCA, hat is the time limit for relieving from source CCA?

  18. Barnali says:

    I joined the dept as a UDC. I have been promoted as an Inspector and have completed 4 years in this cadre. Can I get inter charge transfer as an Inspector. Pls tel me if this has happened anywhere in India

  19. kamal jeet Sigh says:

    I joined the Income Tax department as a TA in 2009 now I am a Inspector from 2014.
    Am I eligible for Inter charge Transfer as Inspector.
    Please tell me such cases if it happened anywhere in India.

  20. pramod prasad says:

    I am appointed as tax assisstant in income tax department on 12.05.2013. Now I promoted as income tax inspector on 06.06.2014. Is I eligiable for inter charge transfer as income tax inspector

  21. vishal kumar says:

    I m inspector in IT department.I m eager for intercharge transfer I hv not completed 3 years service on same grade.
    Last year….one condition(Parents dependent) was laid down in that circular wherein circular dtd.18/02/2014, this condition was withdrawn.
    My Question is, why this relaxation has not been give to genuine applicant

  22. Gopal says:

    Sir,I am working as Inspector of income-tax, also an ex-serviceman. Am I eligible for Inter-Charge transfer before 3 years of service tenure?

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