The Rajasthan Tax Consultants’ Association, Jaipur has requested to CBDT Chairman for extension of date of filing of Tax Audit Report and ITR in Audit cases for A.Y. 2017-18  to 30th November 2017 and Text of their letter is as follows :-

Date: 14-10-2017

The Chairman
Central Board of Direct Taxes
New Delhi

Rey. Request for extension of date of filing of Tax Audit Report and ITR in Audit cases for A.Y. 2017-18

Dear Sir,

At the very outset we place our hearty gratitude’s for understanding the problems of professionals and assesses & extending the date of filing of Tax Audit Report & ITR in audit cases Suo Moto till 31st Oct. 2017.

this year is an unique year as far as tax compliances are concerned_ In this year the biggest reform in indirect taxes in the form of GST was notified since 1st of July 2017.

The infrastructure system was having teething problems and the professionals spend their most of time for making timely compliances under GST regime. Though it could not be possible due to technical glitches in the system and the government has to extend the date of compliances and the professionals were compelled to live in the vicinity of GST. They could not spare quality time to do the work of Tax Audit and filing of Income Tax returns, The similar was the position of trade and industry.

The trade, industry and professionals are required to fulfill/ the following compliances in the month of October:-

compliances in the month of October 2017

Apart from this Hon’ble CBDT has notified new Income Computation & Disclosure Standards w.e.f. 01-04-2016, This is the 1 year for the trade & industry to implement the above referred standards, it has increased the involvement of time of professionals in finalizing Tax Audit reports and In computing total income.

The last date to complete the scrutiny assessment for A.Y. 2015-16 is 31 of Dec. 2017 and the professionals has to comply the requirements of Assessing Officers of their clients on the given dates.

Sir, the Companies Act 2013 has made few changes to be incorporated by the auditors in their report requiring more time.

Sir, most of the professionals are working in both direct & indirect taxes and could not anticipate the voluminous working under GST. At this point of time it is also not professionally ethical to say the clients NO and to refer them to other professionals.

Apart from this the October month has no. of festivals inclusive of biggest festival Deepawali and everyone in the country whether he is in business, service or in profession is in festive mood resulting into loss of working hours.

It is therefore humbly requested that in the tight of above submissions the due date to file the Tax Audit report and Income Tax return of audit cases may kindly be extended at least for a month i.e. upto 30th Nov. 2017.

The association shall be highly obliged.

Thanking you

Sincerely yours

For The Rajasthan Tax Consultants Association

Satish Kumar Gupta


Download Request for extension of date of filing of Tax Audit Report and ITR in Audit cases for A.Y. 2017-18 in PDF

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  1. s.jain says:


  2. Pawan sharma khajuwala says:

    There is hardly any time to complete the audit in view of extension of GST dates. Diwali shall take this full week. Other IT & company law compliances are also on our heads. Moreover ICDS is consuming lot of time.

  3. T B NATHAN says:

    Tax audit date extension required upto 30th nov.2017. Because day to day gst drastic changes. Already we have suffered from lot of statutory compliance with gst

  4. Ravindra Srinivasa says:

    Day by day all the statutory compliance are being shifted from government to Dealers / Assessees to Chartered Accountants / Tax Consultants, making the life of the service providers ( CA’s and Tax Consultants) a restless. We professionals are really working hard, under pressure and stress. Government should understand it is humanly not possible to comply so many mandates at a time. October month is heavely scheduled with GST returns, Income Tax audits and returns, TDS returns, ESI and EPF returns. During October it is a totally 10 holidays ( 5 sundays, 3 Diwali Festival, 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi, 14 & 28th Bank Holiday) In the nutshell, we have leftout with 20 working days to complete so many !!!!!!. Apart from this, there was a heavy rain almost 7-8 days during October 2017 throughout the country. so finally, we have been left with 13 working days to complete the task.

  5. avassociates says:

    dear sir
    this is in continuation requests of tax consultants charted accountants , we too requesting to the honb:le F.M to extend the due date of 44 ab audit filing till 30th november 17 , as we face lot of difficulties in filing of newly intrerduced GST
    returns. due to lot of pressure from our claints
    file their gst returns on the proirity we could not attend to the tax audit work and also the
    awareness of gst rules and filing systems consumed lot of time and attention ,
    in view of the this it is requested to extend the due dates at least 15 days which will help to come out from the tensions and relief.

  6. Md Shahbaz Alam says:

    Dear Sir, Request to others states c a associations to come forward for extension of time. since it is very important issue not only one state but for all c a community please come forward and file representation for date extension humble request

  7. CA. H.S.Nandini Manjunath says:

    Dear Professional colleagues , it is practically very difficult to file the Income Tax returns u/s 44AB within due date of 31-10-2017 because of the heavy GST Compliances . govt should understand this practical difficulty and extend the time limit further by atleast one month. How much ever we concentrated on the professional work sacrificing our personal life even though it has become allmost impossible to complete the work by 31-10-2017. The Govt should consider the matter and extend the time limit .

  8. rk ravindharan says:

    tax audit filling date to be extended

    since we have spend lot of time in gst compliance
    no time for proper tax audit

    hence govt should extend the due date for tax audit

  9. Bhagwan Kharat says:

    If the quality of Audits to maintained, the due date has to be extended at any cost. Compromising audit work is not at all acceptable.

  10. azhar says:

    request to others states c a associations to come forward for extension of time. since it is very important issue not only one state but for all c a community please come forward and file representation for date extension humble request

  11. Govind Lohia says:

    Its really important for us.. The work load is so huge that we could not even enjoy our festivals.. Even then the work is not going to get done before due date.. Still 40% of our work is still pending resulting in compromising the audit quality.

  12. CA Anil K Dahiya says:

    GST is new law and lot of compliance are there during the month of October 2017 , it is very necessary to extend the date of Tax audit and ITR , professional are working like machines but load of work is much higher than the the seed of work

  13. Yes sir please extend the income tax audit due date upto 30.11.2017 and also it is very essential to all the professionals and tax payers for this year, Because all are not satisfied with the time given by the Central Government for filing of Returns Under Income-tax and GST

  14. jfulia says:

    for the sake of proper compliance of all the laws like GST , TDS and Incometax Audit, Govermnent should think of Accounts Professionals and extend due date of i.t.audit to 31st December 2017.

  15. Nitin Tayde says:

    Extension request is necessary from all CA Association from all states which shows the unity and real problems faced by all CAs. In current year CBDT introduced IND AS,ICDS & GST & for all the new amedments extension of one month i.e.31.10.2017 not sufficient.In my opinion our Committee members also made the joint request for extension from all Zone.

  16. BABU says:

    From Bangalore, an accountant here, at present having few files working for IT 44 AB, thing happening here is our clients will not give complete data, complete information, we could not able to reconcile so many ledger accounts correctly. though some how to file the return, clients will not be bothered about all these., and they say to file that’s all, otherwise they will look for other guy ., If we have enough time, we can wait for data, statements etc.. but this year spending our lot of time to match and correct SALES – PURCHASE details only for GST SAKE AND GST FILING WORKS. Our all clients behind their customers\suppliers to obtain correct GST numbers etc..IN THIS SITUATION, let the government suggest us , we the consultants should work like machines, without relaxing , and without enjoying this diwali festival also. Now only 10 days left for 44 AB filing, Getting mad and tension how to complete the data, reports, etc. .Never seen this kind worst situation before… Don’t know why the finance department will not think about these kind of practical problems, because they want only revenue…..

  17. Prasad says:

    By omitting lot of ground problems Central Government is implimenting GST. Previously vat returns filing is not a problem to all the businessmen and consultants. Every month GST return filing is becoming a great problem than filing of income tax return filing. All we are spending Lot of time for this purpose. Except returns filing other works are not going on. Kindly understand the problem and take the necessary steps to solve our problems

  18. shambhu sharma says:

    ye goverment aise hath do k piche padi hai ki kisi ko sabse bada festiwal hone k bavjood gstr-2 and audit itr tds retrune gstr-3b sep all retrune isi month me rakh diye is se ye saaf jhalkta hai ki ye goverment hinduo ki to to nahi ho sakti inko sab kuch malum hote huye inhone date 31.10.2017 hi rakhi hai
    please extend due date 30.11.2017 thodi sharam karo sabse bada festiwal hinduo ka yadi sharam nahi bachi hai to bhool jana hame next election me (kamal ka fool hamari nadani) ki saja

  19. s.jain says:

    i am accountant. sir bhahut bada tenson he konse working kre konsi working panding kare bhaut tenson bad raha he. date nahi badi to carier chopat ho jayga nokri chali jaygi
    sir. pl. new date in tax audit 2017-18

  20. Ramesh Sheth says:

    Sir Please Give Extension Before Starts Of Diwali.
    Har Sal CBDT Ke Samne Gid Gidana Padta He
    Koi Hamesa Ke Liye Solution Nahi CBDT Ke Pas.


    GST implementing we are just busy with no.of returns GSTR 1 GSTR 3B GSTR 2 ,
    so tax audit extension is highly expected.


    Dear Friends,
    I fully support you all. Entire months of August and September were lost by professionals and clients in understanding, implementing GST and filing GST Returns. In October GST Due dates clashing with cumbersome compliances. Just look at the information to be filled/responded in GSTR-2 in different tiles, each tile asking for torturous details. Many clients/staff will be travilling during holidays due to Diwali. Further, Late fees is being forced under GST which has lead to lot of load on Dealers. Lastly, Dealer community is finding it to pay GST Taxes under different heads wherein it will be convinient if the payment is allowed in under one head and allowed to split under different heads while filing returns. In the present system of GST Payment even if the small mistake in selecting payment will lead to dual payment of Taxes. Government is hereby requested to address the same at the earliest.

  23. BABU says:

    Sir, This is from Bangalore, Ordinary Tax practitioner- I my self having few files in hand, finding lack of time to attend the Income tax filing and preperations of compliance related 44ab cases, since August my maximum time spent towards GST data entry and updating of so much informations for my clients. Don’t know how to complete the files ready for IT AUDIT of 44 AB cases. Of course I will be most thankful if little bit time extended for filing of IT returns.

  24. CA Raghavendra Gopala Rao says:

    Respected Finance Minister,

    As my seniors have already explained the problem faced by most of the accounting and tax professionals.
    please announce the extension before festival or all the CAs will have to work day and night and all the assistants will have slog with out Diwali and if extension is given later it will not get back the Diwali again. It will be remembered as a GIFT.
    so request you sir to extend the tax audit date till Nov 30th 2017.
    Thanks in Advance
    Raghavendra Gopala Rao
    Chartered Accountants

  25. DEEPAK KEDIA says:

    Thanks to Rajasthan Tax Consultants Association for taking initiative to request CBDT to extends date of filing of tax audit report and ITR.It is demand of the situation arose from implementation of GST that date should be extended and we will be grateful to CBDT.

  26. A.A.V. PRASAD says:

    i am an accountant. the base work is ours.
    so, kindly think of us. so many people like me suffering with hipper tensions and many more problems to complete such as. kindly see to extend the due date of income tax filing at least one month on words’ this is our humble request and begging for extension

  27. Anand says:

    After implementing of GST we are just busy with no.of returns , so there is no time for other work.
    so tax audit extension is highly expected.

  28. CA Vivek Arora says:

    Dear All,
    I agree with all of you. The main concern is we have to maintain integrity while discharging our professional duties. We can not certify the financials in a granted manner as it affects many stakeholders.
    It needs adequate time to finanlise the audits in an efficient manner. Extension of time limit for tax audit upto 30.11.2017 is the need of hour.

  29. mohammad aslam says:

    professionals may be hert gst now need relief and enjoy festival diwali on of the bigest festival india i request to hon’ble pm please

  30. CA R S Khanzode says:

    There is hardly any time to complete the audit in view of extension of GST dates. Diwali shall take this full week. Other IT & company law compliances are also on our heads. Moreover ICDS is consuming lot of time.

  31. CA.Prabhakar says:

    Dear brother, I fully support your request. Apart from the above compliance, even the nature is also not cooperating. The heavy rains also became a hindrance causing lot of disturbance in day to day activities because of which the staff and even the clients are facing problem in attending the work on priority basis. Additionally the festive season which can not be denied to the staff and even to the family members. Many of our professional colleagues especially this year losing their confidence that they can come out successfully from all compliance and audit works within the stipulated time, because the work is getting piled up day by day. At this juncture the only boost required for the professionals to regain the confidence level is only extension of time limits for audits and other compliance at least up to 31st Dec. 2017 or up to 31st March 2018 will be much better. I appeal to all the prof colleagues should come forward and post their difficulties and inconveniences faced by them and bring it to the notice of Institute as well as the Govt. All these sufferings may be for our prof work and nominal income, but major contribution is for the benefit of the govt only and that can neither be ignored nor be ruled out by any person who is a human being.


  32. CA JYOTSNA says:

    The extension is the need and request has rightly been made. Even the number of audits have increased on account of amendments by Finance Act with regard to partnership firms.

  33. S.L.GOYAL says:

    GST compliances are hardly giving any time to complete the Accounts and get Audit done. It is absolutely necessary that some dates either for GST or for filing of Tax Audit Report and ITR are shifted to November.

    1. Sandip Sukul says:

      It is very hard to Complete tax Audit and GST Compliance within October 31st. There fore Govt. should think regarding this matter and should extend the date of Tax Audit

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