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Dated: 4.11.2016

Dear Colleagues,

Sub: Preventive Vigilance as a management function – regarding

This year Vigilance Awareness Week is being observed from 31st October to 5th November, 2016. Vigilance, however, is not a stand-alone activity and the focus on vigilance should not be limited to the duration of the Vigilance Awareness Week only. It is a management function to be exercised by all supervisory authorities for overall risk management in any organization. A supervisory officer cannot absolve himself from vicarious liability if the supervisor who has the right, ability or duty to control the activities of a subordinate does not take steps to prevent the acts of misdemeanor by the subordinate.

2. Rule 3(2)(i) of the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 mandates that every Government servant holding a supervisory post shall take all possible steps to ensure the integrity and devotion to duty of all Government servants for the time being under his control and authority. Therefore, it is necessary that Supervisory Officers conduct necessary checks so that officers and officials maintain absolute integrity and complete devotion to duty.

3. Inspections & reviews are important preventive vigilance functions and periodical inspections of the work of a subordinate can give timely alerts about any wrongdoing by officers. However, I am constrained to point out that Ihe laid down procedure for conducting inspections/ reviews by the CCsIT, the CsIT and the Addl. CsIT is not being followed and only about 25% to 30% of the targeted inspections have been conducted in the past 2/3 years. I request you to give your immediate attention to this area and ensure that the targets and timelines in this regard are strictly adhered to.

4. The office of DGIT (Vigilance) may be approached for any clarifications/ guidance in vigilance related matters and for conducting of vigilance related training/ seminars. Any new initiatives/ ideas in the field of Preventive Vigilance may be shared with me by email on so that the same can be duly considered by the Board for replication in other Regions also.

With Best Wishes

Yours sincerely.

(Sushil Chandra)

All the Pr. Chief Commissioners of Income Tax

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  2. Varaprasad Daitha says:

    The circular is only an ornamental. In practice it was never implemented by any designated authority but harassing the subordinates.

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