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Because you can save up to INR 5 Million in Present Value Terms !!


  1. Your current age is 30 years and your life expectancy is 70 years
  2. Government increases the basic exemption limit by average INR 25 k per year and deductions by average INR 5 k per year with no other
    significant change in tax rates or slabs (which is quite conservative)
  3. Inflation / Post tax rate of return on investment is 7% p.a. for discounting purpose.
  4. You are able to utilize the full potential of savings available through HUF.


o An HUF is treated as a separate entity under the Income Tax Act, 1961;

o Basic Exemption Limit of INR 200 k;

o Benefit of slab rate of tax of 10% on incremental income up to INR 500 k and 20% on further incremental income up to INR 1 Million

o Deduction under section 80C of the Act of INR 150 k for certain investments in the name of its members (LIP, DAP, PPF, ULIP);

o Deduction under section 80D of the Act of INR 15 k for insurance on health of its members;

o Deduction under section 80TTA of the Act of INR 10 k for interest on savings bank account;

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  1. Makhan Jhaver says:

    Pl inform if karta or coparceners /members of HUF can give give gift of any amount to HUF without any limit and without any tax liability for HUF ?
    There is some information that any Gift recd by HUF in excess of total amount of INR 50000 is taken as Income and chargeable to Tax – Can the amount be given as Capital amount instead of Gift to avoid taxation problems

  2. Nirav Shah says:

    Dear Sir,

    It would be helpful if u can brief on following points also:
    1) How to generate Income in HUF
    2) How to garner startup Capital for It
    3) What are the basic requirements to create an HUF i.e. Minimum No. of members
    4) How do dissolve HUF
    5) How to distribute Capital of HUF on dissolution
    6) What are the things which should be taken care of while creating HUF so that in Future Clubbing of Income doesnot get applied to Karta.

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