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Sidheswar Jena (Sidhes)


The President of India
The PMO India
The Chief Justice of India
Chief Election commission of India.

Honble Sir/Madam,

Sub: Open letter to make India free from corruption

It is well known fact that in Indian currency of denomination 500/1000 has been banned by Central Govt of India and it is announced by our respected Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi (here in after Mr. P.M) and Mr. Urjit Patel Governor of Reserve Bank of India and others as on 08/11/2016 at 8PM via all Electronic Media.  And new currencies of Rs. 2000/500 are introduced and came into force from midnight of 08/11/2016 as legal tender status.

  1. As per Mr. P.M speech, the aim to ban those currencies is a very strong and bold decision of Govt of India and this decision is taken for betterment of the citizen of India and growth of its economy.
  2. And it also said by Mr. P.M that, there is a huge black money syndicate and a fake currency racket  exist in our Indian market, which is a big hurdle against economic development of our country as well as danger for our citizen’s life.
  3. The black money and fake currencies helps terrorists along with Naxalite to act against India and its citizen’s life. Hence the ban is imposed.
  4. PM. also said that there will be a little problem to meet the day to day expenses for short period for common man of the country, and Mr. PM also state that the problem will be resolved very soon, and as per RBI governor Mr. Urjit Patel statement that all preventive measures has already been taken, and the adequate new currencies are already been printed and is in circulation but in real even after a week there is no money in ATM and even no adequate currency available in the bank to withdrawal/exchange counter also.
  5. There was news that, common man of the country is dying standing in the bank queue. labour class is literally dying, manufacturing industries, service sector and trading sectors are already down to 40-60%, and opposition is just playing the blame game role and simultaneously our Govt is busy with doing cheap publicity.

I am a citizen of India and I believe that I am a responsible citizen of my country and I also have some responsibility towards my nation hence, I would like to bring some facts in front of our nation.

With this open letter I openly challenge to all political parties to make an open debate on my views and implement it for the betterment of our country.


If the Govt and all political parties  having courage and really want to make our India free from corruption and make we Indians feel proud, I challenge and invite all political parties to organise an open debate on my suggestions and findings, and show courage  to implement my ideas with immediate effect.

Govt of India and RBI should issue a circular with immediate effect, stating that all citizens of the country are free to use their old currencies till 31stMar-17 with a simple condition as below.

Election Commissioner should have postponed all upcoming elections (which are going to happen within 6 months) for next 9 months.

What are the precautions should be taken by our citizen.

1. It is compulsory for all citizens of our country to keep bills of their spending and produce them as and when that is required.

2. It is compulsory for all vendors (including all type of business) to keep their record of sales, purchase, payment and receipts for this particular period in a separate format and along with earlier period in regular format.

(That a question may be arise that the people may manipulate their data and do conversion of their unaccounted money, and I would say let them do. The manipulation can be short out very easily, let them do what they want to do, it will be more benefit for the govt because they will pay their applicable tax and again if fail to prove appropriate income source then the whole amount will be seized and the jail term would be separate.)

To take this action and seized all unaccounted money both the house of parliament should pass a new law “Unaccounted Money Law” with immediate effect. Because now there is no such law exist in our present constitution.


There will be no such cap for bank withdrawal and deposits on or before 31st Mar-17

Each bank should have a separate window to deal with foreigners and foreign investment and remittances.

Govt should issue instant Permanent Account No. (PAN Card) to them who all are neither having PAN card or bank account.

There should be no cap for Jandhan account cash deposit or any other account cash deposit, and in my view, just allow them to deposit cash with a condition, that the entire amount will be seized if they fail to show the source of cash deposit.

All jeweler, trader, builder and other suspected business owners/corporate/hospitals etc should not be barred to accept cash, let them accept cash.

Deploy a special team to monitor and investigate their account under Supreme Court or President of India Guideline, a strict action should be taken against them if they fail to produce appropriate document and explanations and they will be suspended from their existing position and business and the same business shall be under take by Govt of India and they may put behind the bar and they will not allow to do any business in future, so there will be no blame game, no income tax  and sales tax raid will be required.

All political parties should produce their income, donations receipt matching with expenses and bank statement.

They have to produce pan, address and phone no of the doner, failing with they may be banned for life to participate in Indian politics.

To bring transparency a separate scrutiny on all political parties shall be performed by the special team under Supreme court/President of India guideline, for the period from Nov-16 to Mar-17 and the result shall be published in all local as well as national newspapers along with all electronic media.

After 31stMar-17 all old currency as well as new issued currencies which is in force now shall be banned permanently.

And this much time will be sufficient for the govt to make and arrange security features for new currencies before issuing them, but the new currency higher denomination must be with a maximum value of 200.00

In between all banks and post offices must be ready with adequate infrastructure to help our new nation.

Precautions and Benefits:

  1. Now days all political Parties are under fear that they may lose the public support hence blame game on each other is going on instead of addressing public issues. Some of them considering that they will gain from the demonization scheme and some other are thinking they can do better, but no one suggesting the next, and in the reality is they all are co passengers of the same boat.
  1. It will bring real face about the political parties and its sponsors, who considering and running through an impression that we common man are their ancestral property and we have no sense to react on their any false or true actions and they can do anything to us.
  1. The Income Tax department will setup an investigation team to handle no tax payer accounts comparing their bank account and give them the real status of an assessee.
  1. Income Tax Department should do scrutiny of each private salary class employee’s account with tallying their bank account and clear them from tax evasion regime.
  1. Separate team to do scrutiny of State and central govt employee’s account to clear them from the myth that they accumulated black money via bribe.
  1. Income Tax should do another scrutiny for all Professionals Accounts with their bank statement to prove them that they have not done anything wrong or anything against our country or its economy.
  1. Income Tax department also do scrutiny for all business accounts tallying with their bank account and other documents to clear them from suspense regime.
  1. Again, Income Tax department will do another scrutiny for corporate accounts to clear them from the myth that they are under the shadow of political power.
  1. Income Tax department will do separate scrutiny for Trust, Societies, NGO’s charitable originations and other assesse to prove them they are a helping hand to poor citizen of the country.
  1. Income Tax department also conduct all bank scrutiny simultaneously to bring a transparency that no bank neither directly nor indirectly involves or running under pressure of any corporate or political power or influence.
  1. A separate declaration form should be circulating to ever Indian to declare their Gold and other Ornaments along with movable and immovable properties, it will bring the transparency that there is no BENAMI PROPERTIES AND NO ILLEGAL GOLDS AND ORNAMENTS ARE WITH THEM and theY have not holding bank account nor hiding any illegal properties outside of our country.


The scrutiny work shall be done with a team of retired judge of any High court along with a group of Chartered Accountant, cost accountant, company secretaries and Lawyers and the team size should not be more than 10 no of professionals.

All above auditors and authorities account shall be scrutinize by a separate team under the guideline of Supreme Court/President of India.

This action is required to clear the future consequences and to keep all documents in order for further use.

There will be no requirement to create another long queue and forcing common man to stand in it.

Benami property holders

Those who all are falling under this category will be catch automatically and no need to conduct a separate raid on them. There are many people who all are having a huge property with all legal documents but the income declare is mismatch, neither govt nor Income tax department has any law to crack them down.

How to prevent people taking their money from India to other countries.

It is very common that all people saying there are a huge amount of black money is in some other countries and all political parties taking advantage of that while they are coming for election campaign, if it is true, then why our Govt is not taking any against them.

Any how……….


Present govt should start talk with all counterpart countries and sign a garment in the ground of prevention of black money accumulation and circulation.

That the counterpart countries should not allow any person from India to open a bank account or buying any properties without obtaining a No Objection Certificate from Indian Government and even after getting an NOC from Indian Govt the counterpart country shall update their assets increase and decreased status once in a year to Indian Government.

With this the accumulation and circulation of black money will be stopped immediately.

There will be only one more step ahead for India to become a corruption free country………..and I ll help my country to do so………


There will be no pain to any common man with these steps and no opposition can say anything and simultaneously huge money will be collected.

Remarks: The time limit may vary depending on the real work.

(Author is a Corporate Law Practitionerand can be reached at Email- jenas28@gmail.com)

Disclaimer- Above are personal view of Author.



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  1. Trilochan Rath Advocate says:

    Totally impractical idea. you are suggesting for check/verification of the receipts and expenditures post transaction without any idea about the volume of such transactions. Just imagine do we have that manpower. If additional man power is necessary then what will be the number and the cost. Rather instead of thing of roll back the Govt. should immediately ensure fixation of ceiling over cash transaction of certain limit and promote cashless transaction though banks in a rationalistic manner allowing common people a time to learn and adopt the system. Steps should also be taken to abolish the uncountable number of taxes paid by the common people by collecting certain percentage of tax at the time of bank transaction as proposed by Artha Kranti. This will easy the situation now faced by the nation. People will a get a direction helping them to return to their work. With the present situation brought under control let the Govt. take steps for punishing the black money holds,who are now more or less out on the street.

  2. Ramesh Kumar Thakur says:

    Really the articles written by Learned Friend is in Good sense. Govt. of India should issue a separate Notification regarding the Tax Deposit through only online and if, any Advocate or Learned CA or Qualified Professional helping the Assesse in Depositing the Tax through his/her own account, Government Should fix some percentage whatever may be. We Professional will appreciate this type of act if Govt. of India Notify as I think.

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