Advocate C P Chugh

NSDL is yet to release FVU for quarterly statement in form 24Q to be filed for the quarter ended on 31st MARCH 2015.

Earlier version 4.5 of FVU does not support changes brought out in law through Finance Act 2014 (Part-II) for example;

It does not allow higher deduction of 1.50 lac u/s 80CCE

It does not allow higher deduction of interest on self occupied property and certain other changes made in the law.
Although we are into 8th days of current financial year, yet awaiting for the NSDL to release FVU so as to enable submission of quarterly statements.
Hope NSDL comes sooner than expected.

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  1. CA.S.K.AGARWALLA says:

    If Government’s body is not complying with the date by which it should be ready with the facility,why they penalise for delay on the part of Deductor?The due date should also be extended by the Government suo moto linked with availability of FVU by the NSDL.


    This is pure harrassment to the deductor,deductees and CA & Consultants, then what about the due dates (may 15) has to be extended, otherwise its a pure harrassment to the public also as by this the form-16-16A will get delayed, and no waiver of late fee also… very bad on deductors part.

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