Use your NSDL demat account details to generate EVC (Electronic Verification Code) for e-Filing of Income Tax return

As you may be aware, the Income Tax Department (ITD) has introduced the facility of Electronic Verification Code (EVC). EVC is introduced to make the e-filing process of income tax returns simpler and completely paperless. Now, you just have to put an EVC after filing your income tax return and you are done with e-filing. EVC can also be used for other services of Income Tax Department.

What is EVC and how is it generated using NSDL demat account?

Electronic Verification Code (EVC) is a 10 digits alpha numeric code and can be generated easily online. For NSDLdemat account holders, it is now possible to generate the EVC using your demat account, if your mobile number or email ID is registered in your demat account. The option to generate EVC through demat account number is made available on the ITD website post login.

What is necessary to generate EVC?

  • You need to have demat account with NSDL.
  • Keep your demat account number i.e. DP ID and Client ID, handy.
  • Either mobile number or email id should be registered in NSDL demat account.
  • EVC will be sent to mobile and/or email ID.

Process of generation of EVC:

Step 1: Prevalidate your Demat Account

  • Register your Demat Account Number with ITD for EVC service through option of ‘Pre validateYour Demat Account’ provided by ITD under head of ‘Profile Setting’.
  • All the above details along with PAN and name as per e-filing portal will be validated against the details of the tax payer registered with NSDL database. Once your demat account details are prevalidated, you will get an option to generate EVC as given in step 2.

Step 2: Generate EVC – Through Demat Account Number

  • After step 1 of pre-validation of Demat account is successfully completed; you can opt for ‘EVC –Through Demat Account Number’ option while verifying the income tax return.
  • The EVC generated will be sent on the registered mobile number and/or email id. The EVC received needs to be entered on the ITD website for e-filing and you are done with your e-filing process. Post this, returns will be sent for further processing.

Note: This facility has been made LIVE by ITD for NSDL demat account holders only.

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