Monitoring of filing of appeal in the High Courts – Non-receipt of quarterly reports as per the CBDT Instruction No. 7 of 2011

Letter No. DGIT(L&R)/HC Appeal/Quarterly Report/2012-13/603, dated 26-9-2012

I am directed to invite your kind attention to para 15 of Instruction No. 7 of 2011 which is reproduced as under:

15. Monitoring Mechanism

 i.  The CCIT/CIT shall ensure due adherence to this instruction. In order to facilitate monitoring, a register shall be maintained in the office of CIT as per Annexure-IV to this Instruction.

ii.  Quarterly Report of appeals filed in the High Court as prescribed at Annexure-V to this Instruction shall be furnished by the CIT to the CCIT(CCA) through his controlling CCIT by the 15th of the month following each quarter. The CCIT(CCA) in turn shall compile the report and send to the DGIT(L&R) in digital form by e-mail before the end of the month following each quarter. The DGIT(L&R) shall put up an analysis of such reports to the Member(A&J) with his comments.

2. I am further directed to mention that the Quarterly report as envisaged in the above instruction is not being received regularly in this Directorate. The inordinate delays and deficiencies in the filing of appeals before the High Courts has received the adverse notice of several High Courts and the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The Finance Minister is likely to review this area of work shortly. The Board desires that the report for Q E 30/06/12, which is overdue, may be sent by 3rd Oct, 2012 to this Directorate. A soft copy mailed to e-mail address [email protected]

3. The report from the next quarter onwards may be sent within the time prescribed as per Instruction. A copy of Annexures-IV and V to the above said Instruction is enclosed* for ready reference.

4. This issues with the approval of Member(A&J).


*Not enclosed

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