Dated: 23rd September 2017

Dear Sir

Greetings for the day. Hope you are in Good Health.

For the first time in my life I have seen a Prime Minister who works 24*7 to address the problems being faced by the people of this country. I have great regard & respect for the dedication & commitment that your as Pradhan Sevak have shown in making our country walk the path of progress & development. Your untiring efforts have made this country overcome the challenges that it has been facing. Looking at your positive approach towards addressing common man’s concerns I am encouraged to write this letter to you. In this letter I wish to draw your attention to the problems the common man is facing in filing the Income Tax Returns off late. The issues that I have highlighted are the issues of taxpayers through the eyes of a practicing Chartered Accountant.

Sir, the people of this country are law abiding. They wish to comply with the provisions of law but not at the cost of mental peace. The technological innovations that the Income Tax department has achieved are noteworthy & I deeply appreciate it. This will go a long way in reducing corruption & ensuring transparency. However the pace with which the innovations & the up gradations are being implemented are not in pace with which the people of this country work. Today (22nd September 2017) the Income Tax department has asked for details of email id, mobile no & bank account from the taxpayers. The said data is to be updated on the efiling website of the Income Tax department failing which the taxpayer cannot gain access to the site. The department insists that a single email id & mobile no should be linked to three user id only. Sir, this is a rather harsh & cumbersome way of updating of the Income Tax dept database. In our society there are many people who still leave in joint families. A single person in family looks after all the law related issues. Being a practicing chartered accountant I am testimony to this fact. Thus this limit of three is very less. Also, Please try to understand that the people of this country though literate in educational terms are not technologically literate. There are people who still have no idea as to how to open an email account or how to check a message received on a mobile phone (especially the older generation). For these people to file their IT return becomes a challenging job. In my office I have clients who still do not have an email. I have to assist them to open an email account. Even in case where the email accounts are opened I have observed that the taxpayer forgets the password of the email account or the email id itself. India being a large country where we have 40 million taxpayers (approx) such cases are bound to be very high. The professional fraternity like CA’s can assist these taxpayers but only to a limited extent. It becomes very difficult to serve the taxpayers on a daily basis as far as these procedural issues are concerned. Also the taxpayers are of the impression that this is a futile exercise & they don’t want to understand the importance of the same. The taxpayers of this country have not woken up to the fact that the government department can have correspondence with them through email & mobile message. As such this defeats the purpose which the Income Tax department wants to achieve by undertaking this exercise. Sir we appreciate that this initiative of Income Tax department is progressive but first the department need to educate the taxpayer of its importance. If the department fails to do it then it shall be solely responsible in failing to achieve its objective of making the department more transparent & taxpayer friendly.

Secondly, the timing of this exercise by the IT department is not correct. The entire country is in a GST transition phase. Your Goodself must be aware that taxpayers are facing a lot of problems to file their GST returns due to inherent technical glitches in the system. Many of my clients are still not able to furnish the GST returns in time. Add to this now is also the time to file Tax Audit reports & the IT returns in case of assesses who are to get their books of account audited. The taxpayers who are mostly businessman are also busy in their day to day activity due to the onset of the festive season. As such, the chance of taxpayers responding to the call of the Income Tax department in this festive season is very low.

Thus we request you to ask the Income tax Department to postpone this activity as of now. Allow the taxpayers to adapt to GST environment & let them file their tax audits & IT returns in time. This procedural exercise can be done later. If not then at least don’t make it compulsory. There are still many taxpayers in this country who are yet to link their Aadhar number to PAN & bank

Hope you take this letter in a positive spirit & direct the authorities to take appropriate action.

Yours faithfully

CA.Kaustubh Vijay Paturkar

The Prime Minister
7, Lok Kalyan Marg,
New Delhi.

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  1. Sauren Kumar Sarkar says:

    Income tax deptt expects tax payers to comply with what ever the Deptt dictates without any knowledge of demography .This is nothing but doctorial approach to treat every one as thieves. The deptt has no responsibility to educate all sections of the society before introducing any new measures and it’s effects on the law abiding citizens for whom it is designed .Good sense should prevail and withdraw the unnecessary harassment faced by the Taxpayers.

  2. viswanathan says:

    another letter to Modi should be written regarding those freelance single person consultants doing export of services who are facing unnecessary hardship, waste of time and money by the silly requirement of a bank guarantee and bond for a zero rated gst tax service!! when no tax is paid on export of services then why harass people earning foreign exchange for bonds?? no application of mind by the FM.

  3. Vijay Nagare says:

    It is good that the department has just postponed the requirement, which was not logical and practical. When a CA or Tax Consultant or any other Professional or Person is authorised by the assessee to do compliance on his or on her behalf then what is the problem? Why the department should worry…when an ITO can assess a number of assessees in his or her jurisdiction then why not other person allowed to do compliance for many assesses?

  4. Rajan Phalke says:

    Hi, I am trying to update my profile. I am getting the message as “Mobile number is already being used by 3 assessee. Please provide another mobile number.””
    Now, I would like to know to which assessee my mobile number is linked. How do i do that?

  5. R.K.Gupta says:

    Sir, I am looking after the income tax for all my family members and making compliance. Hence same mobile no. and email I’d is used for all the assessee. Now department is not allowing the same I’d and mobile no.even for 3 assesse. I do not understand the reason for the same and what is the purpose behind it.

  6. Mahesh says:

    Further Income tax circular says
    “………..or confirm that the Mobile number and
    email ID already registered is their valid personal contacts.”
    But I did not find any link/button to confirm that my existing details are valid!

  7. Mahesh says:

    It is very harsh to deny access ti income tax site suddenly without updating profile.
    I tried it today and it is not allowing same mobile and e-mail for 3 persons also. How do I take care of other family members who do not have mobile or computer or are computer illiterate.
    The access to site should not be denies and such harsh measure should be withdrawn immediately.

  8. Kamal Srivastava says:

    Whether it is 3 or 10 allowed, what difference it will make. Those who do not open e mail account, will also not open in future. This change will only create pressure on Tax practitioner and is of no use. Now day by day practicing in Tax is becoming a Tension for practitioner.


    Absolutely correct, the honest taxpayer and as well as honest professionals are really suffering. This is a great effort from your side and please keep bringing such issues. God will definitely provide success.

  10. nair says:

    I have to say only one thing….I MADE A MISTAKE & TRUSTED MR.MODI & BJP …..It is your party which introduced word “TAX TERRORISM” when Congress was ruling. You have gone too far in harassing a common , generally law abiding common middle class man. What income tax dept wants to achieve by limiting e-mail & mobile to mere 3 , I really failed to understand. Just suffer harassment after paying taxes. BJP is silent on its achievement in bringing back black money abroad

  11. Mahesh says:

    Thanks for the bold letter at this situation. Really helps a lot of people. We can also suggest to keep the old 10 assessees per mobile no & email. Hope he provides solution!!!

  12. satish babu s says:

    i am an auditor. i have about 250 ITR files. most of my clients are civil and electrical contractors. they don’t use emails. now my situation is i have to create email ids for all of them and maintain passwords. except for IT there is no use of the email id. if i don’t use for the next one year the email id may have been closed by the time of filing ITR next year. so next year again i have to start creating about 200email ids and passwords.

    many people are unwilling to give passwords to their email ids. passwords have 15 to 30 minutes validity. if they are not able to give me the otp within this period, i end up repeating this process again. how many times i can do it for each client and for how many clients i can do it.

    last week i filed a ITR and tried to verify with Aadhar otp. even after eight attempts and three days client could not get aadhar otp to his mobile no. finally i had to print out the ITRV acknowledgement, get it signed and post it to CPC BANGALORE.
    I have absolutely no problem in giving client’s phone and email id to ITD. but the problem is getting the OTPs from the clients within the valid period if at all they receive OTPs.

  13. GALA ASHWIN says:

    Very Well drafted letter & of very much importance. But will it reach the authorities concerned ? They are all obsessed with putting more & more compliance with Assessees. This modus operendi of the authorities need to b changed. There seems to be no effective platform where you can get your such problems resolved.

  14. Santosh Kumar says:

    Practically its not possible to have every assessee their email id or using computer, even mobile number. How can we ask for PW from them, ultimate we are giving our cell no. & email id. If its restricted, no one able to file ITR in time.

    Please remove such requirement form site

  15. CS says:

    This is only, try out to people to avoid their attention from daily routine increase of all goods and fuel. Acche din ka gajar dikhakar, harressing people of india.

  16. V Veerappan says:

    I am a CA. I have given my personal number to another 9 of my clients. Now I am not able to update my own profile for the reason that the number has been used by another nine persons. I should have been given an option. I can’t update my profile unless I updated the other nine clients. It is really a pity.

  17. Prem Kewalramani says:

    Hats off to you for the eye opener and bold wordings..It seems that the Dept wants our BIRAADARI to engage in such type of wasteful activities..We all are already over burdened and also under immense tension day and night, and .This is really teasing and it seems these people are testing our patience…

  18. Vijay Kumar says:

    A Good Article by CA.
    Not every tax payer is dishonest.
    Too many details required by Government. Advance Tax, TDS, TCS, Returns, a common man has to run to the CA for every thing. The CA is also is unable to devote time. The Income Tax Act is no small an act.
    On top of all this, Ignorance of law is No Excuse.
    Now compare an employee versus a self employed person, or a retired person, or an old person of 80, the law remains same for every one.
    Too much of requirements of Income Tax, GST, and other Government /Civil liabilities make a person HOPELESS.
    The laws should be simple, returns should be really few and easy compliance should be the aim of the Government.

  19. Sangeeta Maheshwari says:

    Very good representation Sir, You have forwarded the problems of CA. I think Modi Ji wants favour from us, to do work like him 24X7.


    प्यार प्रीत चिल्लाएगा, अपना गला गवायेगा, पत्थर रख ले सीने पे — कशम खा ले जीने के,
    जी करता है खो जाऊं कफ़न ओढ़ कर सो जाऊं ….
    साथियों, अन्यथा नहीं लेंगे – एका एक मन किया गुनगुनाने को सो लिख दिया ….. बस और कुछ नहीं — अच्छा लगा हो खुश हो जाइयेगा – नहीं तो मुझ पर जरूर झुन्झ्लाइये गा

  21. M.S. HEDE says:

    Sir, many many thanks for having written letter to our beloved PM. We support you at all times. So, it is not exaggeration to say that you are the leader of IT Practitioners and also the Assessees who file their I.Ts.
    Sir, my another most humble request is to make easy procedure for filing E-TDS. Because, how promptly we file e-TDS they raise objections and threatens to the Deductors by imposing fine, penalty, interest etc., etc. Only using the WEAPON of levying the fine is not good. But, they can, when means after educating the Deductors properly.

  22. harendra khira says:

    pay only income tax and fight to this rules and use no filing return in total india level what they do with you nothing against the public.and unable to catch all public to jail or penalty ? they issue notice than ? no pay penalty no pay interest only pay income tax …..

  23. harendra khira says:

    the big officers who seated on chair in city area they are totaly blind about this situation and release the
    order like this they not come from village and not know what is indian village public…and passing the unlawfull law to pressing on public who want to give the tax but no botheration like this !!!!!!! modi is PM not a officer and officers of department is issue this all ….!!!!


    Dear Prime Minister we have supported widely for Demonetization. We dislike manner of implementation of GST with penal provisions in first year and provisions we dislike this issue and now order for update income tax profile is highly irritating us. We appeal you to please understand the problems of Tax Practitioners and Tax Payers and differ it till October 31, 2017.


    Dear Prime Minister we have supported widely for Demonetization. We dislike manner of implementation of GST with penal provisions in first year and provisions we dislike this issue and now order for update income tax profile is highly irritating us. We appeal you to please understand the problems of Tax Practitioners and Tax Payers and differ it till October 31, 2017

  26. S.SRINIVQASAN says:

    Thank you Mr CA.Kaustubh Vijay Paturkarji for writting a open letter to OUR HONORABLE PRIME MINISTER. We would like to join your request .

  27. CA. S.C.Podder says:

    I being the head of the family , have submitted Income Tax Returns of my Wife ( age 73 + ) , Unmarried daughter ( 39 ) with all the details mandated In Income Tax Returns ( PAN, ADDRESS , Income Details , Bank account details , AADHAAR etc. Inclusive of my self , with Mobile no and Email Id of Mine , son that in information needed I could able to solve the matters. In the Income Tax returns all the details ( Mandated are furnished ) Every one has separate Bank accounts ( may it be Jointly ) We are filling Taxation Returns well with in the time since decades ( e-filled in last three years ) there was no problem . My wile ( aged ) can’t even access her mobile , forget Email . My daughter is working where the company has provided Mobile and created Email. ID ( in companies Name ( suppose [email protected]’ ) when she will left the service she will have to surrender to the Company every things including Mobile and can’t access her e-mail .
    We three are officially used my Mobile No , and Email . to access the E-filling portal we have separate PAN, Date of birth, Pass words separately . Now in the New System we can’t access on and from 23/9/2017
    Why it is necessary ? Income tax department is friendly with tax payers . I don’t think so , in my long standing in the Chartered Accountancy Profession ( 47 years ) , Present age 76 years . I am forgetting so many pass words for various transactions )
    How the lay man can remember his / her mobile no and email ID.
    Please drop the Ideas as circulated on 22-09-2017.
    We are cooperated with the Govt. but this frequent changes and Ideas will dishearten the Common Public at large
    Hence I am in agreement with the Open Letter issued CA. Paturkar of Tax Guru site.

  28. Summit Muradia says:

    Sir, is there any option to check that at present with which PAN number your mobile number and email id is being used, so that one can start the process of de-activating the same.
    Best Regards

  29. Advocate Rohit Thakur says:

    As per our FM statement a two Months relaxation for late filing of GST Return was allowed. But what happens today. 200 per day late fee charged by GSTN. Please check the below links for details
    Link 1

    No Govt. officials (including govt.) are serious on this issue. They think India is a highly advanced Developed Country with a high speed net Connectivity. But what is reality all knows….
    so what we expect further …..

  30. Subhas Chandra Moonka says:

    Further, Let me add one point, If you want to update email ID & Mobile no, where the assesses have selected the email ID & Mobile as Self, Parent & family member, you should allow them to proceeds further and take this as new records. It may happen that in earlier registration we have allowed to TEN person to use the Mobile & EMAIL ID. In present Term as given by site we have to use new Mobile No & Email ID. This will not update this will create further misinformation. Allow Assess to choose his/her choice afresh

  31. Nailesh Rajnikant Kothari says:

    I would add here that even in cases where email id and mobile no is used only once in past, even those assesees are required to change and furnish me numbers and email ids

  32. नामदेव चौधरी. says:

    आपण मांडलेली समस्या अत्यंत बोलकी व वास्तव आहे भारत हा खेड्यापाड्यांनी बनलेला देश आहे अती दुर्गम व डोंगराळ प्रदेशानी युक्त आहे .कित्येक लोकाना आजुनही इंटरनेटचा वापर कसा करावा हे माहीत नाही त्याही पेक्षा सर्वाना रेंज मिळतेच असेही नाही आनि मिळाली तर इमेलचा वापर करता येत नसल्याने हे करदाते काहीच करु शकत नाही आजुनही Tax awareness नाही यासाठी देशात तंत्रज्ञान व त्याचा प्रत्यक्ष वापर करन्याची कुवत निर्मान व्हायला हवी सर्व सक्ती करुन साध्य होणार नाही त्यासाठी करदात्यामध्ये इच्छाशक्ती हवी .

  33. A Senthil says:

    Nice and appreciable one. IT Dept think that every assessee is having a separate email ID and Mobile no and they are seeing and responding the communication from ITD. But in real practice, even-though educated assessees having their own mobile no and Email ID registered with ITD, not having intellectual approach to the communication from ITD. In this situation what about un-educated assessees and others situation. Being a tax practitioner, how much email IDs can be verifiable by a practitioner within a particular time. What an un imaginable approach of activity by the ITD in this regard of 3 of 3 Mobile & email ID. Being pushes from GST, already practitioners in high mental pressure, now from ITD also a new pressure. How much data can be collected from a client and entered in different different websites for a client in a short time. Are the practitioners seen like a data entry operator from the point of view of Govt. ITD should give some peace of time in this regard else they may start this activities in a leisure time alt east, after the 44 AB due dates finished and there after. Because tax practice is a mental torture work now a days. Please save this service sector from work and mental pressure.

  34. YATENDRA GOYAL says:


  35. sanjeev kumar pachkhede says:

    ekdam sahi likha jankari mangi ja rahi vah Ay18-19 ka return jama karte samay bhi ek alag form me li ja sakati hai.roj roj naye aadesh se log pareshani mahasus kar rahe hai.yah bhi kiya ja skata hai ki nirdharia form me jankari incometax ooffice me jama karne ki vavastha ki jaye kyoki har vakti online kam karne me perfect nahi hota hai.

  36. Shastry V B says:

    There are deaf, dumb, blind singles, some in Old age homes, who cannot hear, see, understand the mails/messages, who do not have access to internet, mobile, still required to pay income tax and seek others’ help.

  37. Naresh Khanna says:

    I hope the message reaches the right people. Yesterday I tried it doing for myself. Being a CA also i found it difficult. My two mobile nos and two email ids were not available for me. I had to opt for 3 rd phone and a new email id. There were many people for whom i filed returns using my mail id and phone no as they were not tech savvy but poor people who wanted to claim refund from I T Dept. They never came back to me but my mobile no and email id are stuck in their profile. This is high level of absurdity, i have come across. somebody is messing up the smooth working of I T website and making it illogical even for a CA to understand.

  38. Gulab Rohit says:

    Thanks to CA Mr.Kaushtubh V Paturkar for wrote open letter to our PM regarding limited the e-mail n contact the rural areas where network’s not available also numbers of assessed are not well aware regarding e-mail even TOP So how it can be possible ?

  39. ranjan chakraborti says:

    This is just a protest against the best idea to bring transparency in the system a big jolt , keep India into mediaeval ages in terms of transparency and a ploy to keep the clutch on clients. People are giving voluntarily their every detail for online purchases and discounts.
    It’s time to be matured so that people can have more faith on the system and on the books as well as everyone including the client should also have his details with him.
    Salute to Prime Minister for GST and other these type of measures which would help in bringing transparency and maturity in Indian Accounting and Taxation system and also provide us a step forward for international comparability , otherwise we would keep on arguing who should get credit of what, doing nothing and keep our ‘Moun’ on everything.

  40. AAnil Rao says:

    CA Kaustubh has highlighted the issue. Action of the department to block access to the Department website till the profile is updated is high handed efiling is not voluntary. If it was so then such conditions can be imposed. They should have given time of at least 4 months to update the profile. This approach of the bureaucracy is giving a bad name to the Government.

  41. VINOD BHARDWAJ says:

    This is the additional burdon on CA and Income tax Practioners . As tax payers and practioners facing too many techinical problems . Relief should be given to update the data and expected more space for update the E mail and Mobile no should be given .


  42. Nirmal Pahade says:

    I agree with you Mr. Kausthub. One more point to be noted is that after updating the additional information on I T Website a new hurdle to obtain tow OTP from client simultaneously for validation. We as practicing person cannot complete the task without getting these two OTPs from client when the client may not be in a position to have access to his Email. Then all the efforts of updating the info goes waste.

  43. B m mehta says:

    Updating profile process for all user is unfair.why IT wants bank account number. Every time taxpayer giving account number in the return. Whose mobile is in use why they want to know. There is no provision for mother using son’s mobile hence show relative. Postponed the updating profile.It is a HARRESMENT.

  44. Yadneshwar Khadgi says:

    It is the most appropriate and right time you have raised the concern to the Prime Minister. Though Our Honorable PM wants to do so many things for the people of India, the Govt machinery does not work in the right spirit to help the Tax Payers. The IT Department is in a very defunct-ed state and know only to send notices, but not to see the responses/Replies sent by the Tax-Payers. Visit any IT Office even at the peak hours of Rush, you find the officials loitering, chewing pan and not attending the Problems of Tax Payers. Officials in IT Dept totally defeat the cause of progress set by PM to achieve. These IT Dept Officials shall be made accountable. and the Phone calls need to be monitored for the QUALITY OF the Conversation.
    Honorable Prime Minister also needs to Direct the other concerned Depts. who issue the Documents like Aadhar, Pass-Port, Pan card, Ration Card, etc to set right the few things as follow.
    1.STANDARDIZE the Name Pattern:The column for names of people shall be standardized in all document Aadhaar, PassPort, PAN Card, all bank accounts, Driving licences etc. so that in all document only one type of name appears for the Person and no miss-match can occur due to name discrepancy.
    2. Standardize the DOB Pattern: DD/MM/YYYY for all Documents.
    3. The above two, Standardised Name, & DOB , shall be taken along with Mobile No. for linking all documents of any Individual.


    Thank you Mr CA.Kaustubh Vijay Paturkar for writting a open letter to OUR HONORABLE PRADANA SEVAK Regarding in this Critical time,

    I hope that OUR HONORABLE Narendra Modiji will take the step for these issues

  46. Gautam Tibrewal says:

    Thank you Mr. CA KV Paturkar for highlighting the issue, We understand the logic and cause of such steps initiated by honourable PM. But we have also to understand its timing factor.

    At this time the above steps taken by the department create unnecessary difficulties to the law abiding people.

    Our aim is to make to Society follow the rules and laws. Self regulation is the best way. If we keep them simple then people with abide it and respect it. Controlling by introducing check points create the new way to avoid it.

    I respect the steps taken by the department and I request them to differ it to the time when our people understand the cause of it and support it by heart to achieve it goals

  47. rao says:

    I have observed in the letter that 40 millions of tax payers, as you know how many people from service sector are paying (soft ware employees), they are well versed with the net and emails and phones. in manufacturing only highly paid employees are paying tax as per the law, they also know the the net and emails, and phones.
    then were is the requirement of this letter, why some people are giving own emails and phone nos rather than real persons no and email. i think this letter is not required.

  48. K V RAMANA MURTHY says:

    I am being a tax consultant, I am facing so many problems to create email and opt a mobile number for the clients. As they are not in a position to understand the issues, they want for early redress their problems So I request the Government to revise the procedures (or) post pone for some period, as the people are to be understanding the procedures of GST and to file tax audit case, in this scenario it is not correct to implement this type of profile update under income tax efiling portal

  49. OMESH SHARAD says:


    I AGREE WITH Mr CA.Kaustubh Vijay Paturkar…..

  50. S Syamsundar says:

    I filed my income tax return on 13th June 2017 and I am filing nearly for the past 50 years, Presently my main source of income is from central govt pension. So far there was no problem. But strangely and foolishly from the IT Dept, I received a notice from them for addition of income under section 143(1)a for the income exempt under 80c (1.5 lach ppf) and 80TTA (10000) and 16000 which was reported dividends from equity oriented mutual funds which is also exempted from IT.I have replied for this through a CA on 2nd Aug 17 and awaiting for their reply. This is very unfair for a honest tax payer like me.

  51. RAVIKANT KAPUR says:

    Suggest open gmail Accounts for each assessee and put Forwarders to their CA or family member handling the work, while taking care to also tick the box to leave the incoming email on the server.
    The same situation can’t be used to forward SMSes/Text messages.

  52. S R jairath says:

    It seems the problem is to the chartered accountants who want to keep their clients uninformed. Otherwise why not give the clients Mobile and E mail id. so that they are able to know progress of their cases and accordingly interact with their C.As.
    I know a case where for such reasons a friend of mine was unaware of tax of Rs.20000 levied in 2004-05 till his claim for refund in 2016-17 was held up and he started investigating the reasons.

  53. PANI & ASSOCIATES says:

    The tax payers have already registered their particulars with CPC giving the details of Aadhar, Bank account, email ID. Repeatedly the information is being asked multiple times.

    Every year, the bank account particulars are being furnished in the return of income, still the refunds are not being credited. Reminders are sent by CPC that the refunds are not credited to the bank a/cs.
    Why the master information of the tax payer synced with PAN on permanency basis, need to be furnished every year wasting valuable time of the assessees, tax payers, tax professionals.

    With floods in Mumbai, rain disruptions in Bangalore, the digital cities are without power, internet, without mobile signals, without landline corrections up and working.

    The time to file the IT returns is one part and to support the tax assessee with regard to registrations, AAdhar linking, refund verification, registering of bank a/c particulars, e verification, SMS that ITRV not received even after sending, DSC procurement and renewals, add so much of unproductive work and avoidable waste of time.

    Same time can be deployed in much better productive work like cleaning up Country by participating in Swacha Bharat,

    Further, all these works need to be done during peak season of audits and filing works, leaving all the festive and pooja season like Durga, Ganesha, Diwali, Dusserah seasons.
    Pathetic, Irrational, Illogical and hope better wisdom prevail.

  54. Jayabrata Deb says:

    It is a an accepted fact that when Government is trying to eliminate Tax evasions, there will be some co-lateral damages to common people. All practicing chartered Accountants know how Taxes are evaded/avoided. Therefore, instead of opposing the Government move, they should suggest changes so that Government objectives are achieved with minimum disruption to common people repeat common people. I have following comment to offer.
    1) Timing of the changes: Common man will not have, under normal circumstances, to deal with the Income Tax site if the Return has already been filed. Thus he has time till next June/July to upgrade details. Common man is no way connected to GST filings. Bank details are already required to be submitted in the Tax return and thus it will now be one time affair of providing bank details.
    2) For practicing Chartered accounts, Government can relax the rule provided the practicing chartered accountants separately register themselves with full details of their CA Registration number and Aadhar card number.
    3) Regarding “Technical Literacy ” of common people, it will not be unusual expectation from people with more than Rs 5 lakhs Taxable income or senior citizen of more than 80 years old to learn the technical aspect of mobile phone and email. It is their clear lethargy not to learn new things or deliberate attempt to remain out of tax net.
    4) Mobile number has now become an identity and thus with national porting facility available, there is no need to change the mobile number. Also currently dual sim mobiles are available very cheap and thus it is not difficult to maintain two sim cards at nominal extra cost when the business demands.

  55. Govind Prasad Garg says:

    We can not hope to Prime Minister. B
    urocracy is above the leadership. Leadership comes at the time of election other wise leader becomes burocrate after election

  56. venkat says:

    formerly the efiling portal was user friendly and easy to log in . But now income tax department is making it a pain in the neck. Income tax dept should reverse to the old system. the dept does not get any extra information by insisting on the elaborate data inclusion,.

  57. Ashfaq says:

    Technological usage in the IT filing is welcome step, if it makes life simple rather making it complex….IT is not using the IT to simplify the process of efiling……ultimately there will be loss of revenue…the people who are filing now….they are facing problems….which needs to be addressed first….

  58. ram babu B. Com says:

    The dept. could not control itself from deriving sadistic pleasures. simply speaking – instead 0f all the above conditions, it can send a code to e mail / cell no whenever 1 is logging in. The same can be given in the site. If the assessee ever wants to know who are all the people logged in (say upto 3 / 5 /10 details of those who lgged in previously ) .
    This is nothing BUT troubling the assessees – like they troubled when the asseesees visited their offices.


    This is the additional burdon on CA and Income tax Practioners . As tax payers and practioners facing too many techinical problems . Relief should be given to update the data and expected more space for update the E mail and Mobile no should be given .

  60. H A Vakharia says:

    He is working 24×7 to create problems.
    Mobile no belongs to : self / Brother / sister / parent / spouse / friend ……. ……… What is all this nonsense ? Tax payers are criminals ? Government doesn’t have so much data of even criminals. Courtesy & polite requests are meeting only deaf ears.

  61. Anand Potnis says:

    I have 50% of the clients who do not have E-mail. 75% of the clients without Computer, Again about 75% of the clients without internet. 25% do not have mobile, 60% do not have smart phones.
    In such situation how can you expect them to interact with ITD portal online.
    The action of the TDS of 22nd Sept 2017 is very bad. We have to now search for people with Mobile and E-mail id who have not used it for ITD purpose.

  62. B.DURAIRAJ says:

    I am being a tax consultant i had given my email id
    mobile no to other 9 accounts of my clients for e filing registration.But when i tried to open my account in the IT portal it has rejected my mobile No and email ID as it is exceeding the 3 no limit.So I have to choose a new mobile no and new ID to access my account.This kind of practical difficulty should be avoided by choosing a better method.

  63. Sarvesh says:

    Our PM follows the three monkey rules of Mahatma Gandhiji – do not see the problems of small time assessee, do not hear the problems of small time assessee, and do not talk about the problems of small time assessee. He follows this principles in GST matters also. He didn’t follow this principles before electing PM of this country. Anyway, we should dance as per whims of our elected representatives and their (not ours) officers.

  64. Vijay Paikoti says:

    Even I had written a similar letter to the web manager of e-filing website which is copied below


    The Income tax website has initiated profile updation of registered assessees from today. In this aspect, I would like to bring up before certain points for your consideration.

    1) Mobile number updation: Mobile number is being asked again for each registered PAN. If the same mobile is already registered with 10 pans, the system is asking for different mobile number. This would make the assessee to give his secondary mobile number for the time being and the same may be discarded in future. So any messages or communication sent to such secondary mobile will not be read by the assessee if he discards such secondary mobile number in future. This way, the main purpose of the IT Dept of communicating with the assessee itself will be hit. So, it is requested that the primary mobile number of the assessee should be accepted at the time of profile updation even if the same is associated for other PANs and such other associations should be cancelled.

    2) Primary Email ids: Many of the assessees do not have valid email ids and most of the time, the email ids of the consultants are given for proper management of the communication from the dept. Most of the assessees even though having valid and active email ids, do not open their emails for days together and as such any communication from IT dept would be lost or delayed. If the primary email id given is that of the CA/consultant, there is every chance that any communication from Dept is read on daily basis and proper response could be given by the CA/consultant in consultation with the assessee. It is therefore requested that the email ids given by the assessee or his consultant should be accepted without any limit so that prompt response for communication from dept is given.

    Also, the dept could make it a habit of mentioning either the PAN of the assessee or name of assessee in the emails while sending the communication for better management and response.

    These are certain suggestions out of practical experience faced by us tax professionals and it is humbly requested that the required changes are introduced in profile update process of the registered taxpayers considering the practical approach.

    Vijay Paikoti

  65. CA Mohammed Lakkadsha says:

    Rightly highlighted the issues. Putting undue compliance in name of better transparency is nothing but game of Service provider to increase their service charges. I will Exposing a Big CPC scam in coming days which will show you how our tax money is dwindled in name of better technology…

  66. B.N.Sudheendra says:

    Hope the Prime minister and the concerned will gear up to solve the problems faced by the assessee , CA’s, tax consultants. It is really difficult to comply I cannot go to my file in the IT portal due to the restrictions of 3 cases. At lease dept. should furnish the cases where we have given the same e mail and Mobile no. with reference to Pan no. and assessee name so that we can contact and get the same rectified at the time filing return not at this crucial time of tax audit, GST etc.,

  67. Madhu says:

    Suggest that the Chartered Accountants and Advocates honour the rules and regulations of the land scrupulously and guide their clients to be law abiding.
    Then they would have done a great service to the 24X7 hard working Pradhan Sevak.

  68. B S MANJUNATH says:

    Very appropriate suggestion, Thanks very much for taking forward the problem of tax payers, and rather problem of small time tax CAs like me, to adhere to this requirement, that too at this busy tax filing period.
    Hope, some sense will prevail & postpone the date and also restore the TEN limits. Regards to CA Sri Kaustub.

  69. LOKESHA HK says:

    Thank you Mr CA.Kaustubh Vijay Paturkar for writting a open letter to OUR HONORABLE PRADANA SEVAK Regarding in this Critical time,

    I hope that OUR HONORABLE Narendra Modiji will take the step for these issues

    NOTE:- Can Our Expert committee will take the step for these problems??

    Thank you


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