A number of infuriated lawyers reportedly attacked the office of the income tax commissioner in Faisalabad (Pakistan) on Monday and caused damaged to furniture and windowpanes besides manhandling the staff.

The trouble erupted when some lawyers reportedly exchanged hot words with the Income Tax Commissioner Nasir Khan during the proceedings of a case, blaming him for “unnecessary delays and objections” and using “coercive measures”.

The commissioner had reportedly objected to the lawyers’ contention, pointing out that he was discharging duties “strictly in consonance with law”.

On this the lawyers became enraged and attacked the income tax commissioner who immediately moved out of his office and took shelter in another room.

In the meantime, a group lawyers from District Bar Association (DBA) Faisalabad also rushed at the income tax complex to join the protest of their colleagues.

Realizing the sensitivity of the situation, the income tax administration closed both the main gates of the complex and kept the angry lawyers from entering the premises.

The lawyers then gathered outside the gate of the income tax office and staged a demonstration.

Income Tax Assistant Commissioner (Headquarter) Sajjad Amjad accused the lawyers of harassment, ransacking the income tax commissioner’s office, hurling threats and breaking locks of income tax office gates.

“We have contacted the FBR Headquarters and after seeking the instructions we will take legal action against the attacking lawyers,” he added.

The income tax administration will also move to the Punjab Bar Council for taking disciplinary action against those lawyers who have taken law into hands, cause damage to furniture, fixture of IT office and involved in hooliganism, he said.

A formal complaint has also been moved to the Civil Line Police Station for registration of case against the lawyers involved in Monday incident, he added.


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  1. RiddhiSiddhi says:

    Are “Tax Guru website team is at all concerned with this news ??????

    Please do not promote your personal agenda on non-accountant professionals…

    follow live & let live!!!!!

    …….. in the public interest..

    • CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

      Dear RiddhiSiddhi

      We have only one agenda and that is spread of knowledge and update our readers. I do not understand why you have problem with news. Further I request to not to involve Taxguru and its Team in your politics. Further at taxguru we reserve the right to select the news to be published. Although we do consider our readers suggestion and not averse to any healthy criticism but cannot allow anyone to involve us in there personal agenda or politics.

  2. CA MUTHUKORI says:

    what is the need on pakistan based news and using valuable space for what is happening in office of the income tax commissioner in Faisalabad (Pakistan) on Monday and what has been damaged – furniture and windowpanes etc besides manhandling the staff.who is interested maybe some mosquito sitting and doing proof reading is jubilant enough to publish such neqws which is of no use to readers .this is not a newspaper website but popular for content and updates.this site is popular and has been doing very well since last 7 8 years for Mr Sandeep Kanoi’s sincere and genuine efforts.the fellows who are proof reading are like mosquitoes who will damage the goodwill of this site by publishing such irrelevant news and wasting space .throw out that mosquito from the website.let newspapers handle such news.

    • CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

      Dear CA Muthukori,

      Thanks for your valuable suggestions. We will surely consider your suggestion in future and will try to be as much relevant as possible.

  3. Siddharth Duge says:

    Why news from Pakistan Income Tax Department is published in this section ?

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