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ITBA e-Nivaran Instruction No.2

F.No. System/ITBA/Instruction/e-Nivaran/2016-17/2 Dated: 29/08/2016


The Pr Chief Commissioners of Income-tax/Pr DGsIT/ CCsIT/DGsIT (By Name)

Ahmedabad/ Allahabad/ Amritsar/ Bangalore/ Baroda/ Bhopal/ Bhubaneshwar/ Bareilly/Chandigarh/ Chennai/ Cochin/ Coimbatore/ Dehradun/ Delhi/ Durgapur/ Guwahati/Hubli/ Hyderabad/ lndore/ Jaipur/ Jalpaiguri/ Jodhpur/ Kanpur/ Kolkata/ Lucknow/Ludhiana/ Madurai/ Meerut/ Mumbai/ Nagpur/ Nashik/ Panaji/ Panchkula/ Patna/ Pune/Raipur/ Rajkot/ Ranchi/ Shimla/ Shillong/ Surat/ Thane/ Trichy/ Trivandrum/ Udaipur/Vishakhapatnam; and

All Pr Commissioner of Income-tax/Pr DsIT/CsIT/DsIT (By Name)

Subject: Launch of Integrated solution between e-Nivaran Module for all Officers using ITBA with ASK, e-Filing and CPC-ITR – Reg.


This is in reference to the subject mentioned above. The integration between e-Nivaran Module for all Officers of Department using ITBA with ASK, e-Filing and CPC-ITR is operational w.e.f. 22nd August, 2016 in Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) through the e-Nivaran module.

2. ITBA e-Nivaran Instruction No. 1 vide F.No. System/ITBA/Instruction/e‑Nivaran/2016-17/1 dated 02/05/2016 was issued to the field formations on the pre‑requisites for accessing e-Nivaran module in ITBA and the various functionalities offered in e-Nivaran.

3. Following functionalities shall be available through ITBA – e-Nivaran module with the new release operational from 22/08/2016:‑

a. Transfer of Grievance to e-Filing or CPC-ITR for resolution – Grievance received in respective office which are pertaining to e-Filing or CPC-ITR can now be transferred to the respective systems (e-Filing and CPC-ITR) from ITBA. Refer the annexure for a detailed step by step guide on same.

b. Receive Grievances filed at e-Filing portal – Grievance filed online at e-Filing portal and pertaining to Assessing Officer will be transferred from e-Filing to ITBA e-Nivaran module. These grievances will be available in the e-Nivaran module worklist of the respective officers for necessary action and resolution.

c. Track Grievance – Status of grievances at ITBA – ASK, e-Nivaran, e-Filing and CPC-ITR can now be checked through Control Register available in ITBA e­Nivaran module. This can also be checked through the Search DAK screen available in the ASK / DAK module. Separate instruction on ASK/DAK to follow.

The following functionalities are already available in the e-Nivaran module of ITBA.

a. Record Grievance (e-Nivaran Form) – This process will include capturing the grievance application(s) in the system. The grievance will be assigned to the jurisdictional AO, however, the user can assign the grievance to other user as well at the time of data entry.

b. Search and View Grievance Details – The users can search and view the grievance details logged in the system.

c. Seek Information from Grievance Filer – In case additional information is required from the filer to resolve the grievance, the user will be able to issue letter to the filer from the system.

d. Resolve Grievance – This process will include providing resolution to the grievance and communicating the resolution to the filer.

e. Transfer of Grievance – When a user is not the intended recipient of the grievance application or the Grievance belongs to other jurisdiction, user can transfer the grievance application to the respective user or to the nodal officer.

4. Grievances can also be received from ASK / DAK using the DAK Receipt Form. Upon receiving the grievance in ASK/DAK module, the same will be sent in the pending of the assigned officer for action in e-Nivaran module. Separate instruction on ASK/DAK to follow.

5. Online filing of grievance through e-Filing portal has been enabled for taxpayers. The taxpayer can use the e-Nivaran form on e-Filing portal to file grievance pertaining to e-Filing, CPC-ITR, CPC-TDS, NSDL/UTITSL, Refund Banker and Assessing Officer.

6. In future releases, the e-nivaran module will be enhanced:‑

a. To enable transfer of grievance to CPC-TDS, NSDL/UTITSL, Refund Banker.

b. To enable receipt of grievance from CP-GRAMS.

c. To enable linkage with ITBA modules for further action as and when the modules are released.

7. In order to reduce movement of paper documents, users are advised to scan and upload the grievance letter/ form including important enclosures. For this purpose, the Board in its meeting dt 30.03.2016 has approved, in -principle, relevant upgradation of infrastructure available with Officers. Reference may be made to OM from CBDT in F No. 225/267/2015-ITA-11 dated 27th July 2016 where the same has been reiterated.

8. Users are advised to contact helpdesk in case of any issues in respect of the ITBA.

a. URL of helpdesk –

b. Help desk number – 0120-2772828 – 42

c. Email ID – helpdesk

d. Help desk Timings – 8.30 A.M. – 7.30 P.M. (Monday to Friday)

Yours sincerely,

(Ramesh Krishnamurthi)
Addl.DG(S)-III, New Delhi

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