Calling all stakeholders to contribute in building the new National website of the Income-tax Department.

The National website of the income-tax department, is undergoing re-development. In this regard, the Department is inviting suggestions from all the stakeholders on the design, facilities, contents and features that you would like to incorporate in the new Website. The last date for submitting suggestions is 25.03.2014. Online Suggestions form can be accessed at the following link


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  1. vswami says:

    For an appreciation in proper light of the utility value of any feedback ,-particularly if given voluntarily , under no obligation but for an altruistic purpose in mind, especially in any matter of public cause/concern, more so it ought not to be glossed over but deserves to be given a serious consideration by the addressee (s), -it might be worthwhile to have a mindful look into the viewpoints stressed / aspects focused on in the write-up displayed on this website @Section 194 IA And Section 194 IA Supplement
    (Ref. under ‘Aside’).
    Incidentally, as further stressed therein (ref. Epilogue), though the Revenue ought to have,as urged, firstly in its own interests, made a serious note of and resorted to correcting the serious lacunae in the subject enactment forthwith, it has regrettably remained mute thus far; no clue why so!

  2. vswami says:

    Sporadic Reactions (unedited):
    “Calling all stakeholders …”- The very basic premise in calling the addressees as ‘stakeholders’ is ‘prima facie’ misconceived, besides being potentially misleading.
    As for suggestions, in going ahead with the proposed restructuring of the website, if at all to be purposeful, one can offhand, think of offering the following:
    > Such an exercise, being overdue, must be done and completed on a war footing.
    > provide the people, to be precise the taxpaying community, the advising professionals, et al, an opportunity to express their views fairly and frankly, so that the revamped website serves as a useful platform for mutual interaction with the Revenue. More s o, should the subject matter be of such a nature as entailing/inuring for the ‘common good’- not case (individual) -centric.
    >any feedback given, depending on its prima facie sincerity behind, merits, etc. ,must firstly be promptly acknowledged, and displayed ;
    >that must be followed on by a well considered response – not one-sided- wherever necessary with an explanation in brief to support or substantiate the response from the Revenue by a special officer designated for the purpose.
    In short, the scheme so devised and put into practice must have the laudable objective of finding ways and means as to how best, any otherwise easily avoidable, unwarranted or in fructuous so called ‘battle of wits’ , often leading eventually to court litigation, could be effectively checked/controlled.
    Speedy remedial action /resolution of any mindless controversy must be the written rule of the game.

    (May be contd.)

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